How to Create A Realistic Lens Flare In DaVinci Resolve

first_imgNeed a lens flare for your shot? Avoid the unimpressive plug-ins and customize your own flare in DaVinci Resolve.When VideoCopilot announced their Optical Flare plug-in in 2009 (released in 2010), my heart filled with joy knowing that every single shot from my DV camcorder would now feature a lens flare. They are the icons of blockbusters, right? Nearly a decade later, I now spend as much time as possible keeping my shots flare-free. How times change.However, if you need to include a lens flare in your shot for creative reasons — see J.J. Abrams‘s reasoning for excessive lens flare in Star Trek — or if you need to match a flareless shot with another flared shot in your scene, you’re typically going to need a plug-in like Optical Flare. The majority of NLEs come with a flare plug-in, but as you can see with Premiere’s below, they typically aren’t that great.In the studio version of Resolve 14, however, there’s a flare plug-in that’s it’s incredibly powerful. I find tutorials for effects that are very shot specific — such as a lens flare — are difficult to produce properly because everyone’s shot will be different. The flare will differ depending on the light source, lens type, aperture settings, and more. If I document a method on how to produce a flare from sunlight, it may look completely different on your footage. Therefore, we will look at how the plug-in works by fixing a problem I have with a shot, and we will explore the different areas of the plug-in in the process.The BasicsYou can work with the effect on the Edit Page. However, you can’t move the flare around within the viewer, and for that reason, I recommend working with the flare in the color page.This is the problem that needs addressing. We have a long shot of the musician sitting on his flight case, and it cuts to a close-up, but only the close-up features a lens flare, and the director wants both shots to have the same flare.In the color page, add a new node, and add the Resolve Flare effect found under Resolve Light FX to the node.Now you need to jump over into the effects settings panel. This effect offers an abundance of customizable properties. Since the flare is an optical element produced by the lens, you have to make sure it looks real. Resolve gives us the tools to do so.The lens flare settings break down into six control areas: flare presets, position, global corrections, aperture, elements, and global blend.While there aren’t as many built-in presets available as there are in Optical Flares, the eight presets cover the basics you expect from the most common light sources — and of course, these are all highly customizable.To replicate the evening sun, I’m going to select the late afternoon preset, which presents us with a flare that mimics the setting golden sun. Initially, it’s not in the correct position, so with the OpenFX overlay activated, I can quickly reposition the starting point of the glare within the viewer. If, however, you prefer to use the sliders, you can do so by opening the Position panel in the settings menu.From the edits we’ve made so far, we can see that the two top panels are the control areas that create the foundation of the flare.Creative ElementsLooking at the shot we need to match, you can see we still have a few steps to complete to make the flares look identical. First, we need to remove the starburst. You can do this in the Elements panel. This panel is the control area for each layer and individual element of the flare. I would argue that this part of the plug-in is the magical component — you can really customize every aspect of the flare. You could even create some sci-fi effects with this plug-in. You don’t often see this kind of power with a plug-in or effect in an NLE.In the Show Controls For drop-down menu, you can find a host of different elements to adjust. Since the shot we are trying to match doesn’t have a starburst, we need to reduce it, so it’s barely visible.Since we’re already in the Elements panel, I also need to remove the ghost elements of the flare because they are not visible in the shot we are trying to match. We can do this by changing the type to “none.”This is how the shot currently looks.It’s getting there, but we need to increase the size of the flare spot. We can do this with the Global Corrections panel. However, this settings panel affects all areas of the flare. This is great for adding blur or colorizing the entire flare, but for individual element adjustments, you’ll want to stick with the Elements panel.Therefore, we need to reopen the drop-down menu and select Show Controls For Flare Spot. Here, I’m going to increase the size, reduce the irregularity (which will factor for light streaks), enhance the softness, and color the flare similar to that of the close-up.Finally, I’m going to colorize the ghost elements at the bottom of the composition to better match the close-up, and this is the final result.Based on what we started with, I think these two shots will now cut together quite nicely, and I’d be very surprised if the audience could tell that the flare is computer generated. While we’ve covered the majority of the functions in the plug-in, we haven’t discussed Global Blend and Aperture. Global Blend has one slider function, and that is to set the amount the flare blends with the source media. The Aperture panel will allow you to adjust how many blades make up the iris. As a six-bladed aperture will create a different starburst than a seven-bladed aperture.Lewis McGregor is a certified BlackMagic Design DaVinci Resolve Trainer.Looking for more information on DaVinci Resolve? Check out these articles:Learn How To Create A ‘Deakinizer’ Tilt-Shift Effect In ResolveMaster Resolve’s Built-In Film Grain with This RundownDaVinci Resolve Being Weird? This Is Probably WhyGet to Know The Dynamic Zoom Tool In Resolve 14Get To Know DaVinci Resolve 14’s Three Auto Save Functionslast_img read more

The Right Sales Training

first_imgThe right sales process, sales methodology, or sales training for one sales organization, may be entirely wrong for another sales organization. There are dozens of factors to consider. Here are a few of the most important.Strategy: What is the company’s overall strategy? How does the sales force contribute to the attainment of strategic goals? If the training isn’t aligned with, or can’t contribute to the overall strategy, it isn’t the right training.Maturity: How mature is the sales organization as a whole? Does it have the competencies it will need to execute the process, methodology, or training outcomes? There are some sales organizations that won’t be ready for certain training and development. They would be better served with something that moves them towards maturity.Leadership: Is the leadership capable of leading the execution of the sales process, methodology, or training? Are they deeply engaged? The return on an investment of training and development is directly proportional to the amount of leadership exercised before, during, and after the training.Needs: What does the sales force need to improve their results? How tightly aligned with those needs is the process, methodology, or training? Training that doesn’t provide the sales force with what it needs to succeed isn’t the right training?Clients and Customers: Training around sales processes, sales methodologies, or other sales skills needs to account for who you are selling to. What does the sales organizations clients (or customers) need? How does the training help the sales force create value for their clients?The process, methodology, or sales training some other company is using may not be right for you and your sales organization. It doesn’t matter how popular it is, and it doesn’t matter how much you feel the need to provide your sales force with something new.The most effective sales training around a process, methodology, and sales skills are principle-based. You don’t perform better by chasing novelties. You perform better by better executing the fundamentals.last_img read more

BCCI gives green signal to Kochi IPL team, to feature in IPL-4

first_imgThe Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) on Sunday allowed the squabbling Kochi franchisee to participate in the fourth edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL), ending the suspense over the fate of team.The IPL governing council, which had given a third deadline to Kochi last week after the consortium’s investors reached a last-minute agreement over their shareholding pattern, today approved their ownership structure and took it in its fold.”At their meeting today, the IPL Governing Council confirmed that the Kochi Franchisee had satisfactorily responded to the notice issued to them by the BCCI, and decided that the Franchisee Kochi Cricket Pvt. Ltd., would play in the IPL from 2011 onwards,” BCCI Secretary and President-Elect N Srinivasan said in a release.The decision comes on the backdrop of the legal developments involving the BCCI and expelled IPL franchisees – Kings XI Punjab and Rajasthan Royals, the IPL governing council.Barely seven months after becoming the second most costliest team in the IPL, Kochi was on the verge of being thrown out of the event.But the owners of the beleaguered franchise made a last ditch attempt to save the outfit by reaching a compromise.Before the compromise, the investors of the franchise, which was bought for a staggering sum of Rs 1533.33 crore, had written to the BCCI informing them of their intention to withdraw from the IPL.That letter was sent after the BCCI, which had on October 10 expelled Kings XI Punjab and Rajasthan Royals for allegedly violating contractual agreements, gave a termination notice of 30 days to the franchise to sort out internal disputes regarding the shareholding pattern.advertisementThe investors in the consortium — Anchor Earth, Parinee Developers, Rosy Blue and Film Wave — hold 74 per cent of the equity.The remaining 26 per cent lies with the Gaekwad family — Shailendra, his brother Ravi and their parents all part of Rendezvous Sports World — as free equity for services rendered while bidding.It is this 26 per cent which became a bone of contention among the stakeholders as the investors were in no mood to give free equity to the Gaekwad family.The Gaekwads, on their part, initially refused to part with the equity but have now agreed to forego at least some of it to put an end to the squabbling which threatens the very existence of the team.The BCCI has made it clear that eight teams will take part in the fourth edition of the league scheduled from April 8, just six days after the World Cup.- With PTI inputslast_img read more

Historic first for Pakistan as Misbah gets the Test mace in Lahore

first_imgPakistan skipper Misbah-ul-Haq today received the prestigious ICC Test Championship mace for taking his team to the top of the ICC Test Team Rankings for the first time since the current rankings system was introduced in 2003.ICC Chief Executive David Richardson presented the mace to Misbah at the home of Pakistan cricket at the Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore and Misbah said it was befitting that the mace presentation was taking place there. (India lose No.1 ranking to Pakistan after rain ruins final Test vs West Indies)”There can’t be a better location to receive the ICC Test Championship mace than this ground where we last played a home Test seven years ago,” said Misbah. “It is ironic for both the players as well as the fans that the journey to the number-one position has been outside Pakistan. The players have missed on the crowd support, while the spectators have been unable to watch live some magnificent team and individual performances. But I am confident that things will change and international cricket will soon return to Pakistan.” (When India can reclaim top Test spot from Pakistan?)Misbah added he was delighted to hold the mace in the twilight of his career. “It has always been a dream to lift an ICC trophy as captain. To be only the ninth international captain to achieve this honour in the traditional format of the game is something to be very proud of. This mace is a reward for the efforts and hard work of each and every individual who has been part of this group over the past few years.” (Chance for India to dethrone Pakistan as bumper Test season starts )advertisementPakistan is only the fifth side after Australia, England, India and South Africa to top the ICC Test rankings, while Misbah is the ninth captain to lift the mace after Steve Waugh, Ricky Ponting, Michael Clarke, Steve Smith (all Australia), MS Dhoni (India), Andrew Strauss (England), Graeme Smith and Hashim Amla (both South Africa).Richardson congratulated the Pakistan cricket team, saying: “The ICC Test Championship mace is a symbol of excellence and a recognition of a side’s outstanding performance in the purest format of the game. Being part of a team that is ranked No.1 in Test cricket is a pinnacle achievement for any cricketer. Pakistan is a deserving recipient of the mace. It is all the more impressive that it has reached the number-one Test ranking despite not being able to play a series in front of its home crowd since March 2009.” (New Zealand to tour India for 3 Tests, 5 ODIs from Sept 22-Oct 29 )”On behalf of the ICC, I want to congratulate the Pakistan cricket team and Misbah-ul-Haq in particular for the way he has led his side. I hope that the team continues to go from strength to strength. A strong Pakistan side is good for international cricket.”Richardson said the upcoming weeks will continue to be as exciting and entertaining for Test cricket fans. “The top four ranked sides are separated by just three points and they will be playing in the coming weeks. The contest for the number-one position gives great context to the upcoming series, providing fascinating entertainment for followers of the Test cricket,” he said.Number-two ranked India will host New Zealand in a three-Test series from Thursday and if it wins the series, it will move to the top of the table even before Pakistan starts its three-Test series against the West Indies on 13 October.The two-Test series between Bangladesh and fourth-ranked England begins in Chittagong on 20 October, while South Africa will travel to third-ranked Australia where the first Test will commence in Perth on 3 November.These fixtures are part of an exciting race to the annual cut-off date as the side that tops the ICC Test Team Rankings on 1 April will also receive a cash award of $1million, while the second placed side will collect $500,000. The third and fourth placed sides will receive $200,000 and $100,000, respectively.ICC Test Team Rankings (as on 21 September 2016) Rank Team Points 1 Pakistan 111 2 India 110 3 Australia 108 4 England 108 5 South Africa 96 6 Sri Lanka 95 7 New Zealand 95 8 West Indies 67 9 Bangladesh 57 10 Zimbabwe 8last_img read more

Trudeau sets up conflict of interest screen concerning Aga Khan

first_imgOTTAWA – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he’ll abstain from any future discussions or decisions regarding the Aga Khan and his institutions.Trudeau says he’s establishing what’s called a conflict of interest screen to ensure he’s not involved in related matters.The move comes after the conflict of interest and ethics commissioner found Trudeau contravened four sections of the Conflict of Interest Act in relation to vacations on a private island owned by the Aga Khan in 2016.Trudeau had defended the trip on the grounds that the Aga Khan, the spiritual leader of the world’s Ismaili Muslims, is a close personal friend.But the commissioner said the two couldn’t be considered friends, and the trip could be seen as a gift to influence Trudeau since the Aga Khan’s institutions and projects receive government funding.Trudeau says he’ll inform the commissioner of anything he becomes aware of that relates to the Aga Khan in order to prevent a conflict of interest.The screen will be overseen by Trudeau’s chief of staff and the head of the Privy Council Office, the chief civil servant who works for the prime minister.“In the event that any issue or matter subject to the conflict of interest screen is not caught by that screen and comes before me, I undertake to recuse myself from that issue or matter,” reads the compliance agreement, dated Jan. 18.last_img read more

Pakistan secures preliminary deal for $6B IMF bailout

ISLAMABAD — The International Monetary Fund says it has reached a preliminary agreement with Pakistan for a $6 billion bailout over the next three years to finance sweeping economic reforms.IMF envoy Ernesto Ramirez Rigo said in a statement Sunday that the two sides have reached a “staff level agreement” subject to approval by the IMF management and the executive board.Pakistan had initially sought an $8 billion bailout to address a long-running fiscal crisis and has held months of talks with the international lender.The U.S., which exerts major influence over the IMF, has said it should not finance the tens of billions of dollars in loans that Pakistan has taken from China as part of the Belt and Road Initiative.The Associated Press read more

Children overexposed to radiation in CT scans UN atomic agency warns

The United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has cautioned that children in some countries are being over-exposed to radiation when undergoing computed tomography (CT) scans, increasing their risk of developing cancer. A new report by the agency found that although experts have been warning against the practice for the past decade, these children are receiving adult-sized radiation doses during the scans. It also found great variations in radiation levels and in the frequency of CT scans performed on children under the age of 15 in the 128 facilities in 28 developing countries in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe that it surveyed. CT scans provide three-dimensional views of organs or blood vessels and mark a major advance in medical imaging and diagnosis, but they also deliver higher doses of radiation than conventional x-rays. Children are more sensitive to radiation and have longer to live, according to Madan Rehani, a radiation safety specialist with the IAEA. “So the use of adult parameters on a child when performing a CT scan means there’s an increased radiation dose and an increased risk of developing cancer in the long term,” he said. Out of the CT centres studied by the IAEA, 11 of them in six countries exposed children to the same radiation dose as adults. Such errors, Dr. Rehani explained, are usually due to the operators’ lack of awareness, such as scanning too many parts of patients’ bodies, and the use of older models without automatic exposure controls. But he noted that it is difficult to detect higher exposures from CT scan images themselves because unlike conventional x-ray images, higher exposures make CT scans look better. The IAEA report is part of the agency’s ongoing efforts to improve awareness of radiation protection worldwide. “In many situations the benefits outweigh the risks,” Dr. Rehani pointed out, but underlined that unnecessary radiation exposure “needs to be avoided.” The study found that paediatric CT scans occur more frequently in Africa than in Asia and Eastern Europe, which he attributed to the limited availability of alternative imaging techniques, such as MRI and ultrasound, which do not involve ionizing radiation. The 11 centres that the IAEA publication found was using adult CT exposure levels on children are now addressing the issue, the agency said. 27 April 2010The United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has cautioned that children in some countries are being over-exposed to radiation when undergoing computed tomography (CT) scans, increasing their risk of developing cancer. read more

New UN expert appeals for Irans cooperation in addressing human rights concerns

“It is my hope that the Iranian authorities will view my mandate as a secure and legitimate space in which to take steps to comply with its international human rights obligations, as well as an opportunity to address the areas of concern communicated to Iran during its interactions with the international community on human rights issues,” said Ahmed Shaheed.Mr. Shaheed, a former Foreign Minister of the Maldives, officially began his duties as the UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Iran on Monday. He reports in an independent and unpaid capacity to the Geneva-based UN Human Rights Council. He underscored his firm belief that the establishment of the new mandate “provides an opportunity for Iran to engage on a range of human rights issues that have been raised by the international community.” Mr. Shaheed has sought meetings with the Iranian representatives to the UN Office in Geneva to discuss cooperation in the months ahead. His first report will be submitted to the sixty-sixth session of General Assembly, which begins next month. He is seeking Iran’s cooperation to ensure “fair and accurate” reporting on its human rights situation, and developing constructive engagement between Iran and the UN human rights machinery, according to a news release issued in Geneva. He will also work closely with Iranian civil society and human rights defenders.“Every effort shall be made to demonstrate both the steps that the Iranian authorities can take to comply with Iran’s international obligations, as well as to draw attention to the grievances of those who feel victimized by alleged human rights violations,” said Mr. Shaheed, who was appointed to his post by the Human Rights Council on 17 June. 3 August 2011The new United Nations expert dealing with human rights in Iran today appealed to Tehran to fully cooperate with him in addressing issues of concern raised by the international community. read more

New Sri Lankan Honorary Consul appointed in Scotland

Prof. Eddleston has over 22 years of experience working with academic, research and health organizations in Sri Lanka, particularly in the rural areas of the North Central province. He has been instrumental in bringing in grants worth Rs 500 million to Sri Lankan research which has helped in dramatic reductions of pesticide poisoning deaths in the country. More recently, he was actively involved in organizing the 150th Anniversary of Ceylon Tea at the University of Edinburgh which was attended by around 150 participants. Prof. Eddleston is the Professor of Clinical Toxicology at the Pharmacology, Toxicology & Therapeutics, Centre for Cardiovascular Science, University of Edinburgh. Professor Michael Phillip Eddleston was appointed as the new Sri Lankan Honorary Consul in Scotland.The Commission of Appointment was presented to Prof. Eddleston by High Commissioner Amari Wijewardene at the High Commission of Sri Lanka in London. Prof. Eddleston is widely known among the academic and business community in Scotland and hopes to further the development of commercial and economic relations between Scotland and Sri Lanka. He hopes to forge new academic collaborations and to assist developing the nursing sector through partnerships with nursing groups in Scotland. read more

UN official urges more funds to help African women suffering obstructed labour

“We must ensure that some of the additional resources being devoted in Africa through official development assistance are targeted at safe motherhood, including fistula,” said UN Population Fund (UNFPA) Executive Director Thoraya Obaid. An estimated 50,000 to 100,000 new cases of fistula occur every year in sub-Saharan Africa, which usually affects women who cannot get access to a Caesarean section to end their suffering after days of labour. The baby often dies and the woman is left with extensive tissue damage to her birth canal that renders her incontinent. Women with fistula are generally perceived as “unclean” and thus are shunned by their husbands, family and community. But despite this cultural perception, 50 per cent of maternal deaths worldwide occur in Africa, and for each woman that dies, 20 more women suffer from birth and pregnancy-related disabilities, said Ebrahim M. Samba, the World Health Organization (WHO) African Regional Director. Many women have to travel far to access obstetric care. “The health of our women should not be compromised by their status or location,” South Africa’s Minister of Health, Manto Tshabalala-Msimang said. South Africa plans on building and staffing 1,500 clinics over 11 years in “historically disadvantaged” areas, she said. Ms. Obaid said African leaders who committed themselves to achieving universal access to reproductive health at the World Summit this year must now integrate this intention into poverty reduction strategies as well as national plans and budgets.UNFPA is currently leading a global campaign to end fistula in more than 30 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, and the Arab region. The drive aims to prevent the condition, provide treatment for affected women, and support women after surgery so they can be successfully reintegrated into their communities and families. read more

Brock gets set to host PanAm athletes

Brock University staff are busy preparing to host more than 450 Pan Am athletes who will be staying in Vallee and Earp residences from July 5-17.The teams from 18 different countries consist of rowers, canoeists and kayakers who will be competing at either the Royal Canadian Henley Rowing Course in St. Catharines or the Pan Am Flatwater Centre in Welland.There will also be more than 100 technical officials and support staff staying in Lowenberger residence.Meals will be provided for the athletes in Decew Dining Hall during pre-set meal periods. Athletes will have non-exclusive access to all fitness facilities on campus, including the pool, squash and badminton courts, gymnasiums and the Zone during operational hours. As well, TH255-259 classrooms will be held exclusively for Pan-Am teams during this time frame.While there should be minimal impact on normal campus activity during the set-up and tear-down process, additional security will be onsite to secure the athlete areas, and some road or parking lot access will be affected. Roadway checkpoints will be in operation throughout the athletes’ stay.Parking lots K and M will be used exclusively by Pan Am from July 3-17. Brock staff who normally park in these lots will be contacted by Parking Services with alternative arrangements for the time period. read more

Volleyball team sweeps away pair of Big Ten rivals

The Ohio State women’s volleyball team swept a pair of Big Ten rivals, Purdue and Indiana, this weekend.      In the first set against the Boilermakers, it was unclear which team had the stronger game. After just two errors, the Buckeyes established their rhythm. Playing an aggressive defense, the Buckeyes forced Purdue to commit six errors. The Buckeyes took the first set, 25-19, with an ace serve from Chelsea Noble and a kill from Kristen Dozier.  The Buckeyes fell, 25-23, in the second set but quickly rebounded in a nail-biting third set. With 17 ties and nine lead changes, the Buckeyes came out victorious after a Dozier kill for a 25-24 lead and a kill from Katie Dull to end the set, 26-24.  The Buckeyes took the fourth set with an early lead, finishing 25-18 to win the match 3-1.  Dull had a co-match high of 17.5 points.     Carrying the momentum into Saturday night, the Buckeyes faced the Hoosiers.  The Buckeyes came out strong, taking the first two sets, 25-19 and 25-22.  The Buckeyes fell, 25-23, in the third set after seven consecutive Hoosier points. Kills from both Dull and Ashley Hughes brought the set to 20-16. A Hoosier time out gave them the chance to regroup and take the set.  The Buckeyes fired back in the fourth with a Noble ace serve. A final kill from Emily Danks won the set, 25-23, and secured the match, 3-1.The separation between these three teams has certainly been set. The Buckeyes are now 5-5 in Big Ten play.      If the Buckeyes can maintain this momentum, they have the opportunity to knock off No. 1 Penn State on the road. The match will be televised 7 p.m. Wednesday on the Big Ten Network. read more

Mens Basketball What you should know about Ohio States new assistant coaches

Ohio State assistant coach Ryan Pedon speaks to the media on June 15. Credit: Colin Hass-Hill | Sports EditorAt a press conference to announce the firing of former men’s basketball head coach Thad Matta on June 2, Ohio State Athletics Director Gene Smith said that all three assistant coaches – Chris Jent, Greg Paulus and Dave Dickerson – were on staff and would still be doing their jobs unless they found new opportunities.Ten days later, the Buckeyes announced that Butler’s three assistant coaches – Terry Johnson, Ryan Pedon and Mike Schrage – would be joining their recently-departed boss, Ohio State men’s basketball head coach Chris Holtmann, in Columbus.None of the three assistants have spent more than three years coaching with Holtmann, but each brings at least nine seasons of experience coaching at the collegiate level to Ohio State.Ryan PedonPedon, a native of Columbus, grew up a 10-15 minute drive from Ohio State’s campus. Since then, Pedon said, he had become less connected to the area due to his professional life taking him out of the city. But since he grew up in the shadows of Ohio State, Pedon said his familiarity remains strong.The new Buckeyes assistant said no Ohio State coach had defined regions in which to recruit, but he noted that since he has roots in Ohio, he believes it is ultimately important to keep local prospects in the state.“I think you have to look at when this program was at its best, different time periods throughout the past 30, 40, 50 years, why was it? And the common denominator is that kids from this state have been Buckeyes,” Pedon said.Pedon, who played college basketball at the College of Wooster, began his coaching career as an assistant at Miami (Ohio) in 2005. He stayed until 2010, then headed north to be an assistant coach and work as the recruiting coordinator at Toledo. After winning just four games in Pedon’s first season, the Rockets took off in year two, winning 19 games.After his third year in Toledo, the charismatic Pedon departed for Illinois, where he was assistant to the head coach. Then in 2015, Pedon was hired by Holtmann as an assistant coach at Butler where he spent the past two years.When he learned of Ohio State’s interest in Holtmann, he had just one thought swimming through his mind.“I hope he takes the damn job. I hope he takes the job because it’s a hell of a job, to be honest with you,” Pedon said.Since he decided to join Holtmann in Columbus, Pedon hasn’t focused on any long-term goals. He said he’s just focused on the process and improving each day.“We’re not necessarily focused on the prize that awaits us two weeks from now or three weeks from now or five months from now, we’re more focused on the day-to-day,” Pedon said. “And we just feel like if you stack enough good days upon each other over and over and over and over, you do the right thing over and over and over and over, we believe great things will happen.”He learned that philosophy from three-time Super Bowl-winning coach Bill Walsh’s book, ‘The Score Takes Care of Itself,’ which former Butler coach Brad Stevens introduced to him.Ohio State assistant coach Terry Johnson answers questions from the media on June 15. Credit: Colin Hass-Hill | Sports EditorTerry JohnsonFor the first time in over a decade, Johnson was forced to picked his family up and moved out of Indiana. Johnson also worked at Butler as director of basketball operations from 2004-2006. He left to continue his coaching career as an assistant coach at Indiana University – Purdue University Fort Wayne, where he spent one season before returning to Butler. The former longest-tenured member of Butler’s coaching staff began his stint as an assistant in Indianapolis, in 2007 when now-Boston Celtics coach Brad Stevens hired him. After Stevens left for the NBA in 2013, Johnson remained on the staff when Brandon Miller was hired as the replacement and stayed when Holtmann replaced Miller a year later.“My time at Butler was great. Couldn’t nothing replace those memories,” Johnson said Thursday while meeting with the media for the first time since his hiring. “I was there, like you said, for a decade. My wife is a Butler graduate. I lost my last high school game at Butler. The morning of my wedding, I was hooping at Butler. My twins took my first few steps on Hinkle (Fieldhouse). There’s so much there at Hinkle that nothing could replace that.”But when Holtmann presented Johnson with the opportunity to coach at Ohio State, the longtime Butler assistant knew the moment had come to leave.“The opportunity just presented itself to me,” Johnson said. “I really never know what’s in store for me, but some feeling inside of me was like, ‘it was time.’ Wherever it came from, I believe in my faith, and I just kind of followed it.”Johnson served as the defensive coordinator at Butler, but said he and the staff don’t have defined coaching role yet. Before the staff looks toward the fall, it will be working tirelessly on the recruiting trails, a point Johnson reiterated constantly.Ohio State assistant coach discusses the upcoming season on June 15. Credit: Colin Hass-Hill | Sports EditorMike SchrageSome coaches are lucky enough to learn their craft from a living legend. Schrage worked with a pair: Indiana’s Bob Knight and Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski, who he called two of the best, if not the best.Schrage spent four seasons – from 1994-98 – working as a student manager for the Hoosiers, then was Duke’s academic and recruiting coordinator from 1999-2002 and director of basketball operations from 2002-08.“I learned a lot of basketball from coach Knight. For that to be my foundation, who I thought was an encyclopedia of X and Os and basketball, I took in so much,” Schrage said. “Then nine years of (Krzyzewski), you learn so much about basketball. But communication with players, teambuilding, he is so good along those lines.”Though it’s almost unfair to level this type of comparison on a Holtmann who was leading Gardner-Webb just four years ago, Schrage believes Holtmann compares favorably to Krzyzewski.“His ability to communicate, connect with guys remind me of (Krzyzewski). It reminds me of coach K who I worked for at Duke,” said Schrage, who mentioned he would’ve followed Holtmann anywhere.Schrage continued, praising Holtmann’s ability to get every player, from star to walk-on, to buy into the team vision. read more

Future of Scottie dogs at risk as breed is classed as vulnerable

It is a beloved breed, featuring in everything from Radley handbags to a Monopoly piece, but the future of the Scottish Terrier looks bleak.The Kennel Club has warned that “Scottie dogs” are falling out of fashion in favour of other breeds.The breed is now on an official “watch list” compiled by the dog welfare organisation, after puppy registrations  last year fell 12 below the 450 threshold.As other breeds soar in popularity, the number of registered has declined by 38 per cent in the past five years, according to new figures released by the Kennel Club.British dog breeds are not as in demand as they were in the past, and of the 57 native breeds, 29 are now deemed “vulnerable”, with nine more at watch, and The Kennel Club has launched a “Save British Dog Breeds”campaign to reverse the decline.Those now classed as vulnerable, meaning they have fewer than 300 new registrations in a year, include the bearded collie and the Irish wolfhound.Instead, other breeds such as the French Bulldog, which is now the UK’s most popular dog, are in fashion. The French Bulldog is now the UK's most popular dog The French Bulldog is now the UK’s most popular dogCredit: Moment RF Kennel Club secretary Caroline Kisko said: “There were just 24 vulnerable breeds and seven at watch a decade ago. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Oceanographer pioneer Walter Munk dies at age 101

first_img Posted: February 8, 2019 FacebookTwitter KUSI Newsroom, February 8, 2019 Oceanographer pioneer Walter Munk dies at age 101center_img Categories: Local San Diego News 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI)- World renowned San Diego oceanographer and one of the founders of the University of California, San Diego has passed away. Walter Munk died today at his La Jolla home, according to the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.During his career, Munk made groundbreaking observations of waves, ocean temperature, tidal energy and the rotation of the earth.During World War II, Munk helped plan allied amphibious landings, using his expertise to predict days when wave conditions would be most suitable to enable landing craft to get close to the beach.After the war, he helped develop tsunami early warning technology that was incorporated into modern warning networks. He also was instrumental in convincing the University of California system to build a new campus in San Diego.Walter Munk was 101 years old. KUSI Newsroom last_img read more

Committee says Harris should be reprimanded removed from boards

first_imgAn ethics committee decided Thursday to recommend the Vancouver City Council give Councilor Jeanne Harris a written reprimand and remove her from boards she was appointed to by the council for her role in an explosive council meeting Sept. 13.The full city council, with Harris excluded, will make a final decision on the committee’s recommendation on Oct. 11. Any punishment would be effective immediately after that vote, City Attorney Ted Gathe said.During the hour-long meeting, Councilors Larry Smith, Pat Campbell and Jack Burkman found Harris violated the council’s ethics policy three separate times at the Sept. 13 meeting. They used words like “verbal abuse,” “disturbing” and “highly inappropriate” to describe Harris’ actions that day, when she fought with citizens and Councilor Jeanne Stewart, and also tried to interfere with Mayor Tim Leavitt’s control of the meeting.“I feel demeaned and disrespected in the way she was treating others,” Campbell said. “Just being there as a member of a body, I feel it was totally disrespectful.”last_img read more

Having a ball Italian style

first_imgWhat: Sons of Italy in America Italian lessons.When: 7 p.m. Wednesdays.Where: Felida Fire Station, 11600 N.W. Lake Shore Ave., Vancouver.Cost: None.Vancouver resident Barbara Blair, 61, grew up in the San Jose, Calif., area surrounded by Italians and Italian-Americans who loved to play bocce ball and then argue over points with animated gesticulations.So, when Blair watched a match of the age-old game at the Sons of Italy in America Labor Day picnic Monday at Lewisville Park north of Battle Ground, it reminded her of the Italian family and community she left when she moved to Vancouver in the mid-1990s.“It reminds me of family gatherings when I was growing up,” Blair said. “We used to go on big picnics to Calistoga (California), and there was singing in Italian and everything.”Blair founded the Vancouver chapter of Sons of Italy in 1995, about 18 months after she moved to the city for her husband’s job. Since then, the club has grown from 24 to about 60 members. At its pinnacle, it had 100 members. They include Italian-Americans and people who are interested in Italian culture.In addition to its Labor Day picnic, the group holds monthly meetings to organize activities, fundraisers for charities and monthly dine-out events. It offers a book club that focuses on Italian authors and subject matter, as well as free Italian lessons. The activities all help to preserve Italian culture and heritage and to give a sense of home away from home, Blair said.last_img read more

Finally Alia Bhatt breaks her silence on Ranbir Kapoors past relationships

first_imgRanbir Kapoor, Brahmastra director Ayan Mukerji and Alia BhattTwitterAlia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor’s love story is what Bollywood movies are made of. Their success, fame, money nothing manages to overshadow the love the duo has for one-another. Both, Ranbir and Alia have been through their fair share of relationships and flings and it seems, the duo has found each other for life now.While Ranbir was once dating Deepika Padukone and then was also in a live-in with Katrina Kaif, it seems, finally he has found his soulmate in Alia Bhatt. Alia, on the other hand, was dating Sidharth Malhotra before she fell in love with Ranbir Kapoor.Talking about Ranbir Kapoor and her relationship recently, Alia Bhatt said that she feels she is walking on clouds and stars right now. She stressed on the fact that they don’t consider it as a relationship but as a friendship. “I’m saying this with all genuineness and honesty. It’s beautiful. I’m walking on stars and clouds right now. The best part is that we’re two individuals, who are living our own professional lives in its full form right now,” Alia said while talking to Filmfare.Talking about Ranbir’s past relationships, Alia had a rather funny reply. She said, “Aur main thodi kam hoon? He’s not difficult. He’s a gem.”While both the families are often spotted and clicked enjoying quality time with Alia and Ranbir, Soni Razdan recently opened up about their relationship. Speaking to, Soni said, “It’s her personal life. Ranbir is a lovely boy. I think whoever Alia has dated before or will date, (it) is her choice and her life. I’ll always support her but I don’t think I should discuss this you know. It’s not right on my part to discuss (her personal life) in public. As a mom, I’m just happy if she is happy.”The duo’s first film together – Brahmastra – would release in December this year.last_img read more

Essential tips for vegan beginners

first_imgFollowing a vegan diet has gained popularity in the country as people have now decided follow it for ethical reasons. Begin today, but keep patience as the transition will take some time and find tasty substitutes, say experts. Nutrionists and Health experts have shared a few essentials tips to keep in mind for vegan beginners. Begin today, but keep patience; it will not happen overnight. This transition will take some time. But being vegan doesn’t mean abandoning your taste buds. With a little help from the internet, local resources, and other vegans, you can find tasty substitutes for all your old favourites. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfGoing vegan is a lifestyle, not just about eating plant-based foods. You will find that you can support yourself with personal care products and clothes and homes which are a lot more conducive for your health because they are natural and cruelty-free. Keep your vitamins and minerals in check. Eat more plant-based food, more vegetables and fruits, whole foods and grains. Focus on iron, calcium, omegas and vitamin D and vitamin B12. Consult a plant-based doctor, health coach or nutritionist to ensure you take care of your nutrition needs like B12, among others. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveConsult with a vegan nutritionist/dietician if you want to start taking supplements. As far as protein is concerned, you get enough protein from the regular healthy vegan food, but if bodybuilding is your passion and you want extra protein in powder form, then switch to plant-based protein powder. Read labels before you shop at grocery stores. It’s important to eat fresh , organic and clean food, closest to what nature has provided without chemicals, preservatives, and stabilisers. Vegan food is full of delectable and refreshing varieties, the more you will explore, the more you will love it. However, if you are allergic to any particular vegetable or fruit, then avoid it and ask your dietician for a better alternative.last_img read more