Do you know at what age we really start to age?

first_imgImage: iStock Stanford University has recently carried out a study with which it was possible to know the age at which a person begins to age. In order to achieve this, scientists and researchers from that university have studied the blood protein levels of 4,263 people whose ages were between 18 and 95 years.In conclusion, they have determined that aging follows a uniform rhythm and that there are 3 key points in which the passage of time begins to be reflected in the human body. The first point at which the first signs of aging are appreciated is at the age of 34. The other two points occur much later and occur respectively, at 60 and 78 years. This division into stages within the development of aging, according to Professor Tony Wyss-Coray, occurs because the levels of different proteins undergo unpredictable changes at certain points in life. For this reason and in a general way, we can mark 3 concrete stages in a person’s life, which would be: early adulthood, late middle age and old age. The result of this study has different benefits since, in addition to solving the uncertainty about the origin of aging in the human body, it serves to detect possible diseases that originate with age, such as cardiovascular disease or Alzheimer’s disease, and perform a Best treatment since its inception. One of the things that most frightens people in general is aging. Starting to see gray hair in the hair or wrinkles on the face are signs of the weather that many people want to avoid anyway. A great example of this are the thousands of creams, serums and treatments that exist in the market and that ensure delaying the effects of the passage of time in our body. However, we all know that aging is something that will happen sooner or later and now, thanks to a scientific study, we can know even when.center_img Old age is one of the issues that most worries come at a certain ageIt is after 34 when the first symptoms of aging are shownlast_img read more