Vermont Yankee fixes new leak, powers plant back up

first_imgAs of Tuesday afternoon, the plant is operating at 100 percent power ~615 megawatts after reconnecting to the New England power grid early Saturday morning. Plant power will vary slightly over the next several days while operators perform rod pattern adjustments to the reactor to achieve 100% steady state operation.Source: Vermont Yankee. 6.1.2010 Northstar Vermont Yankee,During plant start-up activities Friday night, plant operators at the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant in Vernon identified a condition described as vapor and water dripping in the Advanced Off Gas excavated area. The volume was estimated to be extremely small and occurred over a period of approximately four hours. According to Yankee, this was a new leak. The leak has been stopped and there is no leak at this time. Yankee said there is no threat to public health or safety.The vapor and water dripping was identified at approximately 7:30 pm during warm up of the AOG system. No leakage was visible after warm up and shortly after the AOG system was placed in service. The leak was located on a two-inch drain line and is approximately one-eighth of an inch in diameter.The vapor and water dripping was observed coming from the end of a concrete enclosure surrounding a two inch drain line in the AOG excavation just before the pipe enters the wall of the drain tank room. Soil testing of the area was performed and tested positive for several radioisotopes in a one-foot radius from the leak source.The surface areas where water had previously been observed were sampled for surface contamination.  Samples were positive for tritium.  A sample of wood that had been exposed to the leak and soil below the leak site showed measurable levels of radio-isotopes.  Isotopes detected were chromium-51, manganese-54, cobalt-58, cobalt-60, zinc-65, zinc-69, niobium-95, rhodium-105, xenon-131, cesium-137, barium-140 and lanthanum-140.  Some of these isotopes (rhodium-105, xenon-131, barium-140 and lanthanum-140) are short lived and are evidence that the contamination was recent.Yankee said its current plans are to remediate the soil at the area of the leak and evaluate the condition of the two inch drain line. Repair options under evaluation include removing the line from service, replacing the line, or performing an on-line leak repair. The identified leak should not reoccur during normal plant operation, with the AOG system in service.The NRC and State of Vermont were notified.Vermont Yankee was reconnected to the New England electrical grid shortly after midnight Saturday.On Sunday and Monday, Vermont Yankee engineers and maintenance personnel worked to develop a repair technique to isolate the 2 inch AOG drain line, which was the source of minor leakage during plant startup on Friday night.  During development of the procedure, a test mock-up was made that simulated actual condition in the in-service pipe.  The repair process involves drilling into the pipe at two locations and injecting compounds that harden as they cure.  A different compound is then injected between these two locations that expands to become a rubber like plug.The technique was validated about midday on Monday, and repairs were then begun on the 2 inch drain line.  The repairs were completed by about 6:30 pm on Monday.  This effort successfully isolated this line within the AOG Pipe Tunnel, by installing the sealing materials, and the AOG Drain Tank Room, by closing an existing valve.   This effectively removed the portion of the system within the excavated area from service. No steam or water is currently flowing through this drain pipe. Vermont Yankee said that it should be noted that there was no leakage from this pipe since the recent leak occurred and was terminated during the evening of May 28th. Conditions for the leak in the drain line to occur only exist for a short time during plant start up.  That is the reason leakage was not detected earlier during normal operation.Following isolation of the drain pipe, workers today are in the process of removing contaminated soil from the area.  Excavation is expected to be completed on Wednesday.  Groundwater samples taken at the nearby GZ-10 well on Sunday and Monday showed no detectable levels of tritium.The leak has been entered into Vermont Yankee s corrective action process which will determine the cause of the event and how it can be prevented in the future.last_img read more

East Meadow Armed Robbery ‘Likely’ Related to Crime Spree, Cops Say

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York An armed robbery in East Meadow early Wednesday morning is “likely” related to a string of similar crimes that have occurred in Nassau County over the last two months, including one case in which a clerk was murdered, Nassau County police said.Dep. Insp. Kenneth Lack, the police department’s chief spokesman, said detectives are investigating the robbery at a Sunoco gas station on Hempstead Turnpike at 1:40 a.m. Wednesday, which he said is likely related to nine similar incidents since Dec. 20. The same suspect is believed to be responsible for the slaying of a 58-year-old gas station attendant in Jericho on Jan. 28.In the latest incident, police said a male entered the gas station at 2475 Hempstead Turnpike and approached two employees, demanding cash while threatening the pair with a black handgun. The suspect fled on foot after obtaining an unknown amount of cash, police said. No customers were inside the gas station at the time of the robbery, police said.A description of the suspect was not provided. But the suspect in the string of armed robberies has been described as a black man between 5-feet, 11-inches and 6-feet tall, with a thin build, wearing all black Nike clothing, a black mask, black gloves, black Nike sneakers with red laces and armed with either a black or a silver revolver.“This subject has demonstrated that he is very violent, or can be very violent,” acting police commissioner Thomas Krumpter said during a press conference last week. The investigation, he added, “is one of the highest priorities of this department at this time.”Two days prior to the press conference, the same suspect robbed a Shell gas station in Jericho on Feb. 8.Police have yet to say if anything was taken during the homicide in Jericho.Aside from cash, the assailant has also robbed several businesses for cigarettes. All but two of armed robberies believed to be linked occurred at gas stations. The suspect twice robbed a Hicksville 7-Eleven store in the span of five days.The string of crimes has sparked a massive manhunt. Krumpter said last week that both the robbery and homicide squads, plus the Major Case Bureau and Bureau of Special Operations are investigating the incidents.last_img read more

Deregistration – This issue is actually far bigger than just Family First

first_imgWE’VE BEEN HERE BEFORE.We haven’t been deregistered just yet! The media have misinterpreted the impact of the decision by the Charities Board to deregister Family First. They were quick to broadcast the news that we have been ‘stripped’ of our charitable status. The truth is that this is the intention of the Charities Board.But they had the same intention in 2015 – and thanks to your support – they failed. And we need to help them ‘fail’ again.To do that, we will be lodging papers this week in the Wellington High Court to stop them – again. The deregistration is not effective until 18 September, but under the Charities Act 2005 (ironically section 59), we can halt the process and lodge an Appeal with the Registrar of the High Court. And that’s exactly where we’re heading. So until the court rules on this issue, and for as long as we fight the issue – which we will ‘all the way’ because of the greater issue at stake of freedom of speech & belief and the role of marriage & family in NZ – then Family First is still a charitable organisation.You and I can ‘put a spoke’ in their agenda.It’s very important to understand – this issue is far far bigger than just Family First’s charitable status.As board member Bruce Logan wrote in May,…It is unlikely that Family First will ever find itself defending any issue of greater importance. Deregistration would be a legal victory for those ideologues who would take power away from the family and give it to the state…. Deregistration is a critical issue, but it is not the most significant. The desire for deregistration has its origin in an ideology that redefines the family…Please take a moment to read his full article by clicking the link below in order to understand what’s really at stake.Thanks so much for your messages of support and the gifts already made to our Fighting Fund.The freedom to speak about, believe in, and promote marriage and family is worth the fight.Bob McCoskrieNational DirectorLISTEN – Bob McCoskrie debates the issue on Radio NZ’s “The Panel”MORE INFO about the Charities Registration Board the Charities Board what you think mailto:CCRegistrationinfo@dia.govt.nzlast_img read more

Kenya governor under fire after putting Hennessy bottles in coronavirus care packages

first_imgMike Sonko the governor of the Kenyan capital city, Nairobi, included a few small bottles of the cognac, Hennessy, in his COVID-19 care packages.The governor confirmed the news on Tuesday during a news briefing and he  justified the inclusion of alcohol as “throat sanitizer.”“I think from the research conducted by the World Health Organization and various organizations, it has been believed that alcohol plays a major role in killing the coronavirus,” Sonko said in a video.However, the World Health Organization has stated that alcohol does not protect against coronavirus.WHO actually advises people to minimize their consumption of alcohol.Many people are condemning the governor’s actions including Githinji Gitahi, the CEO of Amref Health Africa, a medical nonprofit.last_img read more