Feel Good Friday: Warriors & Quiet Waters

first_imgMost of us will never see the battlefield. That’s because the brave men and women of our volunteer military sacrifice their time, comfort, and even their lives to make sure of that. The next time you’re enjoying one of America’s beautiful wide open spaces, take advantage of the sublime stillness and reflect on the brave men and women who endured hostile environments so you could enjoy this peaceful one.Related: Feel Good Friday: Style for SoldiersWar is a hard business — but for some, coming home is even harder. The emotional and physical scars make adjusting to civilian life a daunting prospect, and thousands of soldiers can’t make it on their own. If you’re interested in going a step beyond quiet reflection, consider supporting organizations like the Warriors & Quiet Waters Foundation, which helps injured soldiers reintegrate into society through fly fishing the calm waters of Southwestern Montana.   Simms, a fishing company, has teamed up with Warriors & Quiet Waters Foundation to create a sophisticated, limited edition G3 Guide Wader. This wader boasts high-tech GORE-TEX, micro-fleece lining, tool pockets and tabs, and more. Perhaps the best part is that the funds raised from the sale of these waders goes straight to the Warriors & Quiet Waters Foundation — Simms’ goal is $100,000.     Since 2007, Warriors & Quiet Waters has helped 470 soldiers and their spouses find peace in the calm beauty of Southwestern Montana. Simms has been by their side the whole time, and has even gone so far as to host each of the organization’s week-long fishing expeditions.Considering the tens of thousands of physically and emotionally injured soldiers in this country, there’s clearly work to be done. Still, organizations like Warriors & Quiet Waters are working hard to help soldiers find the beautiful tranquility they deserve. If you’re looking for a way to enjoy the fruits of these soldiers’ efforts while simultaneously supporting their readjustment into society, consider getting a pair of limited edition waders and taking them for a dip at your favorite fishing spot.WQW Limited Edition G3 Guide Wader — $549.95 What is Sous Vide Cooking? Here’s What You Need to Know Editors’ Recommendations Oliver Cabell’s New Phoenix Sneakers Are 3D-Printed With Recycled Plastic Bottles Shark House’s Dramatic Angles Have Serious Bite The Mitte Water Filter is (Almost) Ready to Provide the Best Damn Water Ever Rob Lowe’s Montecito Millon-Dollar Manse Hits the Market last_img read more

Master Plan for Colombo to be unveiled in Jan

Minister Ranawaka speaking at the Monthly Committee Meeting of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, which is taken part by nearly 30 top corporate executives of the country, said the first phase will span from the year 2016 to 2020, while the second and third phases of the project will span from year 2020 to 2030. He said, the proposed Megapolis will be built with ‘Public Investment’, ‘Private Investments’, ‘Public and Private Partnerships’ and also ‘Foreign Direct Investments’, which would be the four pronged strategy that would be adopted. The Minister of Megapolis and Western Development Honorable Champika Ranawaka says the Government will unveil the ‘Master Plan’ it has developed to build Sri Lanka’s proposed ‘Western Region Megapolis’, during early January, 2016.According to the Minister, the government is planning to adopt a four pronged strategy to build the ‘Megapolis’ which will be built within three phases running between the years of 2016 to 2030. According to the Minister, the Government will consult the private sector and seek their views about the ‘Master Plan.’The meeting was chaired by Samantha Ranatunga, the Chairman of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce. The Committee of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce meets on a monthly basis to discuss important economic and business matters. read more