A hot five flavor pot characteristics recommended brand

said a spicy food is known for what, we will not forget the spicy pot of this brand project, of course, spicy hot pot in the brand is a spicy taste of the five flavors of the most distinctive brand. Spicy five flavor pot is a hot pot in the pot, spicy pot to join the preferred brand. A hot pot smell five jiamengfei? Day grain group the main push of the hot pot shop taste Youdao five projects, investment of 2-4 million yuan, three shops available, provide an excellent opportunity for the public entrepreneurship. read more

Drinking and eating this bar highlights the ultimate life

bar is one of the popular entertainment, barbecue is also the signs of chowhound, will eat and play will not miss this life, the world will both bar and grill roast a wonderful combination, you do not like to experience, let everyone enjoy the joy of life.

baked Bar & Grill: the company has launched the world at home and abroad more than 30 more barbecue stunt, ensure that fresh raw materials, baking is not easy to lose moisture. On the basis of financial and foreign, north-south taste in one, adjustable, spicy flavor, delicious wine, onion, etc. ten flavor, pigs, cattle, sheep, chicken skewers, chicken, seafood, vegetables, fruits and other baked, grilled flavor distribute attractive streets there so that passers-by to smell. read more

2016 venture capital projects which

said although the business is to achieve the dream of many people, however, for more people, the ultimate goal of nature is to make money, which in addition to their continuous efforts, also need to select a proper project. So, in 2016 venture capital projects have?

2016: digital museum project, make money


project is mainly engaged in the art of figures such as works, picture processing porcelain figurines. Investment needs 20 thousand yuan, of which 12 thousand yuan for the purchase of a set of digital porcelain bricks, baking printing equipment, a computer, a scanner, printer; 5000 yuan for personnel wages and a 20 square meter store (including processing room) the first rent 3000 yuan for liquidity. Processing personnel will be simple computer operation, 2 people can operate. Early may be appropriate to do some publicity. read more

Construction of logistics service system in Jiangsu

in the online shopping has become the basic mode of national consumption at the same time, actively build a more efficient logistics system is a very necessary thing. Jiangsu to February 2018, to create conditions for the free trade zone and the new free trade zone. Efforts to create "Jiangbei District Industrial Technology Research and Innovation Park Service Trade Area," national Nanjing Software Park Service Trade Area, "Jiangbei port hub" service trade area and the international community health service trade area, explore the establishment of the "online free trade zone". read more

Chongqing found the food safety problem exists in the whole WAL MART supermarket

in our lives when we tend to tend to some shopping malls, always feel that there is a better quality of the protection, but the actual situation is not the case! Recently, the Chongqing Municipal Food and drug administration organization of edible agricultural products sampling of 2713 batches of samples, including sampling unqualified 20 batches of samples, WAL-MART and many other supermarket chains on the black list, the following Xiaobian together and specific details.

in many supermarkets in the market, Chongqing found that food safety issues outstanding, so the majority of consumers in the purchase time to be careful! Substandard food include: WAL-MART (Chongqing) Limited Sales Department of cowpea Omethoate detection values exceed the standard; Nan’an District million Pinxing food supermarket sales of egg in the food may not be detected in the detection of ciprofloxacin in Dadukou District; Tiaodeng Zhen Feng Wu supermarket sales of fresh egg detection can not be detected in the food of Florfenicol Liu Peisheng; in the Beibei District of Jindaoxia town farmers market sales of the liver total arsenic (As) detection values exceed the standard; Nan’an District is Lee Masateru food store sales of fresh egg in the food may not be detected in the detection of florfenicol. read more

Green home to join the three modes of operation

environmental problems now in any industry is the priority among priorities, so Home Furnishing industry is now facing a transition period, people pay attention to environmental protection and low carbon, green way of life, in the choice of daily necessities to join Home Furnishing also pay special attention to the green environmental protection product, therefore this type of investment products will make a lot of money to join Home Furnishing.

< recommended read more

Call the driver can make money the elderly can also have a small table

still remember the Korean TV "City Hunter" in the beginning of Pu Minying to do a variety of agents to make money, it can be seen, although the driver is still very rare in the country, but not uncommon in foreign countries. The small table for people’s first impression, usually children, but the elderly can also be!

"call the driver" on

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360 chairman Zhou Hongyi share entrepreneurial experience

for 360 believe that everyone not unfamiliar, boot the computer protection program is always 360, and for the 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi’s understanding is not much, the following Xiaobian together and see his plans to share business sentiment.

in different stages of life, depending on the amount of available resources, the specific form of entrepreneurship will be different, the key lies in the mind.

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索尼发布PlayStation应用程序在iOS和Android加勒比海盗的诅咒 预告片


App可以让你得到同步您的PlayStation 4,它一到星期五和炫耀你的PSN的朋友正在干什么细节。您可以使用该应用程序为PlayStation 4的第二屏幕”选项,它可以让你在游戏中会使用等特点。




来源:记者 read more

Max Payne Mobile今年四月来到iOS和Android设备新截图从我们上次透露

Rockstar宣布Max Payne Mobile即将到iOS和Android移动设备


游戏将在iOS与Android版本,未来两周后的4月26日4月12日发布。Max Payne Mobile是一个刷新原来的PC版本,并已优化移动设备。游戏将采用高清图形,高分辨率纹理,社交俱乐部连接和用户可定制的控件。Rockstar也宣布游戏将兼容,可以购买吗iPhone 3GS、iPhone 4、iPhone 4S、iPod Touch 4、iPad 1,iPad 2和新iPad。Android设备的游戏将可将很快宣布根据Rockstar。看看下面的截图。


Rockstar的游戏。 read more

Hainan Provincial Federation of trade unions allocated 500 thousand to support the employment base o

is now all over the country to create a business incubator platform, although this is indeed an effective means to improve the success rate of entrepreneurship, but blindly copy and can not really play the role of effective business incubator platform. Local resources should be dominant, to explore local advantages, to promote the development of regional innovation driving force to stimulate entrepreneurial vitality.

11 18, is located in Hainan City, Danzhou Tong Tong village of Danzhou rural migrant workers to start the official opening of the professional cooperatives as the Hainan provincial trade union employment demonstration base". This year, the Hainan Provincial Federation of trade unions allocated 500 thousand yuan to Li brocade, breeding characteristics, green vegetables, electronic commerce, housekeeping services and other areas of the 10 "Hainan province labor employment and entrepreneurship demonstration base" to be supported. read more

Anhui Province the first nternet plus innovation and entrepreneurship competition start

is now an Internet era of entrepreneurship, in a new era of such a background, "Internet plus" business model has been recognized in the whole society, a new era of such a background, everywhere on the Internet entrepreneurship competition held.

8 22, Anhui Province, the first "Internet plus" College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship competition started at HeFei University of Technology.

"in our province is the first in the country to dispatch the deployment of Provincial Games Province, is also the first introduction of incentive policies to encourage students to participate in the online daily bulletin to form and mobilize the university organizations participating provinces. The number of college students in our province is tenth in the country, on the basis of the number of applicants to achieve the national number of third, I think this is a great success in Anhui’s higher education." According to the provincial education department deputy director Li Heping introduction, as of August 21st, a total of 86 colleges and universities in our province to complete the registration of the team on the Internet, the completion of the registration of the 2629 teams, enrollment and registration number are ranked in the country’s third. read more

13 New Year red envelopes to allow migrant workers to return home without worry

in recent years, under the help of entrepreneurial policies, entrepreneurial threshold has been repeatedly reduced, inspired many people dream of entrepreneurship. Kunming City, the introduction of 13 new policies, as the new year red envelopes to migrant workers returning home.

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Liu Fang all wild fish brand

you as catering investors are aware of a truth, perhaps the beginning does not need to find what brands to join, because the well-known brand of investment funds is more expensive, the investment risk of nature than other ordinary brand to high. If you can find a project with market prospects, it is also possible to create a new brand in your hands, nor is it a good idea. What brand market prospects are better? Small wild fish for Liu Fang you recommend.

Liu Fang can continue the wild fish to bring consumers a surprise, on fish and shrimp as main delicacy products, good taste, easy digestion and absorption, the exclusive secret sauce, let you lead a person to endless aftertastes. read more

Classic online guide to success

there are a lot of people want to achieve a business goal, through the network platform in such a way at the same time, now in the online business also need some experience, then Xiaobian to bring a series of good online business guide for everyone.

online business guide

now, the network business mainly has two forms: one is the "online shop", entrepreneurs own, namely the establishment of an own sales site, or directly in the related electronic commerce website registered a shop, he is responsible for the purchase and sale, and through online transactions for the sale of the form. Another way is to "join online", namely the use of the electronic commerce website matrix, leasing commercial facade and obtain the business license, and then through professional training and signed the relevant agreement, can sell goods parent website. Sales profit is divided into. In contrast, the majority of the former, only last year, the new virtual store on eBay more than 50 thousand. read more

Hair accessories boutique to improve the performance of what to do

some store performance is not very good, many franchisees are worried. We all know that the performance of the store to improve, but how to improve, how to improve, which will bring us a lot of trouble. Hair accessories boutique investment, we must choose the operating method, improve store popularity, improve store performance!

open a hair franchise has now become the choice of many investors, the potential and development strength is relatively high in the market, the chance of success is greater, so for a lot of investment franchise who want to get more wealth, then you must know how to improve the franchise stores sales of hair related skills the. Today Xiaobian talk about how to improve the sales of hair franchise. read more

Airport Economic Zone to support the development of innovative business model

China’s governments at all levels in 2015 achieved a good record of innovation and entrepreneurship. Tianjin municipal government in the past two years to support the construction of entrepreneurial base, has initially formed a strong platform for a multi platform center.

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To join the project the most powerful investment 100 of curry flavor

healthy delicious, has been very popular. How about curry? In the food and beverage market, not only has a high popularity, joined the taste curry is a very wise choice. Join the smell of curry, good business projects, the best choice for successful entrepreneurship!

flavor curry is a brand of healthy food, and now there are hundreds of curry flavor in the domestic chain stores, no matter where you go, you can feel the taste of this brand curry. So now you want to join the taste curry friends have to act quickly, investment opportunities in front of Oh! read more