China’s 91 year old father of Transformers embarked on the road again

now can be said to be entrepreneurial and years is Never mind, whether some young or older people, as long as you have a business idea, practice can go into everything, because as long as the action will have the possibility of success.

1948 years, Hongkong famous industrialist Lin Liang produced the first generation of plastic toys in Hongkong duck, not only for personal career break out a day, but also the Hongkong toy industry opened a brilliant page. Today, the 91 year old Lin Liang again with small yellow duck fist, continue to create their own brand dream. This is located in the 80s of the last century, the introduction of Transformers toys into the mainland, which was the father of China’s Transformers, the reputation of the industry pioneer, hoping to encourage their own experience of the young generation of innovation, and actively seek change.

"the duck, I hope to establish a brand, establish their own world in the mainland market." Interview with Xinhua News Agency Hongkong Yonghe industrial chairman and founder Lin Liang day before, which he had in the lion fighting stories and plan for the future.

2010, the Hongkong toy manufacturers will publish "toy town" a Book Review of Hongkong toy industry in the development process, Lin Liang made a number of plastic duck, let everyone to cherish the memory of it, did not think of this classic toys again by the blitz. He is convinced that the yellow duck still have a brilliant future, then it re packaging, renamed the "classic duck", and the establishment of his creation Limited last year.

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