Entrepreneurs required courses do a good job with the investor relations

for entrepreneurs, in addition to the need to think about product development, team building, the most important thing is to look for investment and financing. Now the financing of the winter is the invasion of Chinese entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs how to move tough investors?

early investor image how? Tsinghua x-labDNA fund investment director Dai Yong believes that deification or demonize are wrong. In his view, he is only an ordinary man who follows the business principles and treats people with equal respect. In other words, "investors always just icing on the cake,     we cannot expect timely assistance  ".

the invisible resource than money is more attractive?

in Yang Yimeng’s own words, "we will only work at ease, each other but good at dealing with the outside world". For quite a long time, investors do not interfere with the company’s direction, but to help him plan a press conference, and even deal with public relations manuscripts, PPT and other trivial things, which makes Yang Wei "quite comfortable".

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