Catering business theme hot pot restaurant business mistakes

in recent years, Hot pot shop all over each big city Chinese, as a young and old dishes type, Hot pot operation has a natural advantage. However, the proliferation of hot pot restaurants also bring fierce competition, in order to attract customers, many hot pot restaurants began to take the theme of the route. Features are, but really good business?


, a trifles

theme was Hot pot of traditional Hot pot is rich, is to allow customers to eat and enjoy something more. But in reality, a lot of topics are selling the concept of hot pot, which is why a lot of theme hot pot die. Mature theme hot pot should not only be limited to the theme, but also to do a good job should have the traditional hot pot – taste.

two, high-grade decoration

many topics tend to store Hot pot shop decoration, menu design very luxurious, expensive decoration, some even invested millions of dollars to do the theme, leading to funding strand breaks, but do not spend much effort on dishes.

must know, tall decoration, beautiful environment, a short period of time is very easy to establish reputation, but such things are often easier to go too fast, fresh quickly in the past.

three, the theme of popular

In fact, the theme of

four, blindly follow the trend of

and other topics not too high-end restaurants, Hot pot is too high and cold mass civilian food, the theme of the recommendation

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