What qualities should a store owner need

it is understood that the opening of the store, as long as the operation properly, and sometimes earn more than the company. But if you do not know how to open a shop, may also fail, lose lose everything. So, how to open a store? Xiao Bian believes that the store owner is an important role, but also the key point of the impact of store profitability. Here may wish to look at the store owner needs to have what characteristics!

first point: diligence

generally, way out of the decision, many people will take the first element as boss thought the survival and development of the store, to check with colleagues also said: the boss has a lot of ideas, all able to store up. But here I want to say, in the County Township inside the store, the boss thought can be obtained from the factory business where he has no idea is not important, important is that he can go to a conscientious and diligent execution in accordance with these ideas.

know, after building stores, not when the shopkeeper, sit and wait for business to store, also must learn to do, learn to do promotional activities, learn to stir the market, enlarge their own voice, this set of marketing ideas to manufacturers will plan to form a common template store so, the store owner must be able to work hard, so hard as I put the first trait store owner must have.


hard to communicate with factory business, so the store owner got manufacturers favor, get more ideas; because of hard work to do promotional activities, so the store owner understand the local consumer preferences; because diligently issued leaflets, advertising, so during the holidays, the store will attract a large number of guests…… Do not market ideas to the business staff, no promotions can be copied, no experience can be accumulated, only hard work is the inherent characteristics of the store owner, to some extent, he is a natural habit, acquired great changes to become hard to.

in a county in Nanping two stores two bosses, one for many years, every day guarding the shop, the shop as a cash cow. Another boss, do three months, people are very hard, the business bigger and bigger, the next year sales will certainly exceed the first.

second: execution

some store owner, basically the salesman simply mention the success of other areas of practice, the store owner will immediately do, here is the executive power.

Sometimes the idea that

manufacturers, the subsidies to the promotion of resources, give, give standard material, some store owner tend not to perform, nor arrange people to perform, when the shop is getting no vitality, sound >

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