Advertising war between technology giants far reaching

each received SMS, if Taobao and other online advertising, really feel helpless, the technology giant between the advertising war intensified, for the development of the Internet industry has its advantages and disadvantages, and the negative impact of today’s prevailed.

iOS9 a few days ago has officially unveiled (although some people have not received notification of updates), the new version will support the installation of content interceptors. The advertising shielding software market now has begun to take shape, you should find a experience, absolutely can improve your mobile phone Internet speed, because the software can shield a website advertising, you don’t need to load those things.

but you do not know is: for all advertising content to pay, especially those consumers are not willing to pay for the content must advertisers pay promotion expenses to support, from the beginning of this. From the beginning of the media advertising to the user experience discount: This is why the beginning of the YouTube video ads, and some websites are still forced to enter the window while browsing. It is valuable for a media company to put an advertisement in your focus on reading, and your attention is a valuable product; after all, it is the consumer who is ultimately paid for by advertising.

now advertise on the Internet is the biggest supplier of online advertising is Google, they specialize in operation called a DFP (DoubleClickforPublishers) advertising service. DFP coverage is very wide, covering almost all of the foreign Internet content providers: VoxMedia, TheVerge, BuzzFeed, ESPN. Basically, if you see an ad on the Internet, in all likelihood it is pushed by DFP. Even the local advertising is in the business of DFP, which is the United States science and technology media website TheVerge home page can display the independent native advertising reasons.

iOS9 is Apple Corp’s first attempt to disrupt the Google profit platform program

actually like Google by DFP and AdX on the Internet the Nuggets are not many companies. Google network is a natural platform, the meaning of DFP recommended

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