Magic wardrobe of 300 yuan unlimited amount of rent clothes in China

autumn, I believe many are missing a clothes closet experience, it is a waste to buy clothes to wear it several times on the wardrobe, wardrobe launched the innovative mode of women can rent clothes, a skirt of money, enjoy a whole month for different clothes privilege, this method I at home in the end can not be feasible?



!The two founders of

fun magic wardrobe

"Wardrobe" user positioning for urban young female white-collar workers. Through the "magic wardrobe" App, pay 329 or $379 per month (Bao You). First of all, the user should select a number of clothes into my wardrobe, and then the magic wardrobe every time you choose to send 3 to the user. These 3 pieces of clothing is generally 1 coats, 1 pieces, 1 pieces of the body (body, such as dress or dress collocation); 2 or 1 pieces and 1 coats.

clothes come from?

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