Student village official Dai Xinzhen husband and wife to start a farmhouse

in the current era of numerous preferential policies, countless people embarked on the entrepreneurial path. After graduating from college students embark on the road of entrepreneurship is even more numerous, and many college students choose career is often associated with their own professional. But this is the protagonist of the couple Dai Xinzhen is not the case, starting a business from the farmhouse, has been a great success.

in Xin fan Xiang tourist reception center farm demonstration, buckets of vegetable farm soil was brought to the table, the college "village official" Dai Xinzhen and his wife Yu Yanling busy sweating, but look at the Shanghai guest gobble down two couples, busy busy comfortable.

"come, taste the chicken, is our backyard mountains." Every day, Dai Xinzhen and his wife greeted the guests in the mountains.

these years, more and more ecological tourism Xinfan welcome Shanghai people, only a week before the weekend guests, is now a week at least 2 of the number of visitors, Dai Xinzhen said most of the day they have to burn 90 meals. Xiao Dai smiled and said, since April opening operation, his pocket must be put on a pen and a small notebook, there are empty and tourist exchanges, listen to the views, constantly grope from criticism out of the "doorway", summed up the Shanghai tourists to put less spicy food, less salt, more add sugar, mainly to light, the elderly will be soft, rotten food, accommodation to do more service in details.

"the first one or two months, it was really hard, often Shanghai tourists give us advice, especially in taste." Dai Xinzhen said, such as cooking time, some guests say spicy delicious dessert, some say love. The beginning of the contracting reception center, tossing the heart haggard, especially when the concentration of tourists, simply busy, upstairs and downstairs to run, but also a lot of patience to listen to opinions."

back to the couple to start farmhouse this three months, his wife Yu Yanling is very emotional, entrepreneurial hardships than imagined mostly." To start, just one year old child was sent to bailongqiao grandmother; tourists when her husband certainly lived in Xin fan, get up at 5 in the morning, the car as soon as possible to Tangxi wholesale market to buy food; when the number of tourists, have a husband to live in the country for more than and 10 consecutive days, busy almost fainted the.

, especially the first one or two months, the tourists complained much, Yu Yanling saw her husband so hard, pay and harvest was not proportional, but also wanted her husband to give up. However, she has not spoken, but behind the silent support, take good care of her parents, take good care of her husband’s food and clothing. Because she knew her husband wouldn’t give up.

"if you decide to start your own business, you won’t give up easily." Conversation with Dai Xinzhen, the reporter learned that he and his wife are living in soup

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