To open your road to wealth from the brand curtain

entrepreneurial choice to join the brand, there are advantages and disadvantages, the advantages of saving worry, high security, the disadvantage is to spend more than their own business. In the modern home textile industry, there is no need to choose the brand curtains to join it?

curtain product characteristics

general curtain shop products are relatively monotonous, but it is hard for consumers to buy the product, do not consider the replacement of a few years, so from the product design, quality and price for consumers are more important. Improve the living index, consumers seek more personalized match, investors should aim at this point, in the local market break out.

shop management

curtains and many of them are lack of system of brand management, like a discount, received a single project, a lot of things need to be higher after treatment, and then received a restricted business shop. As investors need to expand their business, but also hope that the store can operate independently, so that the store will have the opportunity to become bigger and stronger, investors and staff to achieve a win-win situation.

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