New recommendations need to choose the recommended object

do a good job of new products, not only need to choose the right time, but also need to do a good job in the selection of new recommendations. After all, the same product, not everyone can accept. So, in order to do a good job in the new retail recommendation, then you must choose the right, select the recommended object.

if the consumer object is selected, the election is accurate, then it will greatly improve the chances of success, to achieve a multiplier effect. And choose the wrong object, even earnestly, painstaking, often may not succeed. So what kind of customers are most likely to accept new products? Or retail customers should be recommended to what kind of customers better? I think the following types of people to consider:

one is familiar with their friends and family. The reason why the retail households to choose their own familiar family and friends recommend new products, I think this is mainly based on family, friendship, greater consideration. It should be said that just the beginning of the new market, there is no market, in the consumer has not had a certain impact and influence, visibility.

so it’s hard to get it right, it’s time to move on. Retailers choose friends, appropriate to recommend new to them, these people because of the sensibilities, ties of friendship, is generally not rejected, but some will happily accept. Once these people are recognized, there is no doubt that some will help us to actively promote and help us to recommend to others, which is to kill two birds with one stone.

two is a local influence. Retailers should also pay attention to the local consumers with greater influence to recommend new products. For example, the gift of the gab, the head of the villagers, village teachers and some enterprises responsible person. Through their influence, then it will naturally bring new sales.

should be said that this recommendation is an efficient, sophisticated recommendation. As long as the retail households focused firepower to conquer such special customers, then it will be handy, flexible and free. Therefore, the retail households to spend more time and mind, carefully screened out some suitable objects, increase emotional contact, so that they can support the new recommendation.

three is a curious young man. Is undoubtedly the best candidate for new products recommended retail. Some of these young people at work, work, money, in terms of consumption and openly, willing to spend money. At the same time they are full of curiosity, full of challenges, just for the listing of new cigarette retail, as long as the user can timely and actively recommend to them, will attract their attention so they will stimulate consumer desire. So retailers should learn to get along with young people, to respect them, care for them, take the initiative to talk with them more exchanges, so that they will win the support of their new products is a natural thing to recommend.

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