Pudong Shanghai plans to support 6000 entrepreneurs in the past three years

high threshold of entrepreneurship in Shanghai, the public entrepreneurship, innovation and the impact of the policy disappeared. In recent years, Shanghai is also vigorously encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, Pudong is planned within three years, will support the business of the 6000.

youth entrepreneurship training support

and the "Pudong New Area action plan" to encourage entrepreneurship driven employment for three years and emphasize the cultivation of youth entrepreneurship support. Plan put forward to create innovative talents cultivation and development environment, all colleges and universities should be included in the entrepreneurship education students training plan, teaching system, into credit management, make students familiar with the business, the future of college students, more than 95% of the secondary vocational school students through the practice of entrepreneurship education platform, to participate in the practice of entrepreneurship education, the school will also establish a "campus entrepreneurship guidance Station", to provide business counseling of college students entrepreneurship.

Mining "entrepreneurship" effect

the points is also proposed, Shanghai will strive to year 500 thousand new jobs, in addition to increasing the traditional recommendation

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