nternet banking is now more fire

the rapid development of the Internet, the majority of entrepreneurs to bring business opportunities are naturally accessible. "Standing on the air, pigs can fly,  ," an internet financial entrepreneur describes the state of the industry.

VC is also busy. From last year’s cautious look at the Internet banking, now busy watching the project. IDG, Sequoia Capital, Softbank China, broadband capital, KPCB have been shot in the field of Internet banking layout. Since the second half of this year, the financial 360, the box to pay, dig wealth, the financial supermarket of the 91, favorable network, copper street, etc..

2012 in the second half of the year, Xu Jianwen asked to visit several VC chiefs, with Cowin sonhwa capital chairman Zheng Weihe, chairman Luo Fei, but he believes that this risk exists in the legal policy, questioned is not illegal fund-raising? "" borrowing targets 2, 30 thousand yuan, which have such customers? Borrowing costs so high, who borrow? "

but from 2013 June, changed the entire industry roller coaster. Symbolic event is the emergence of the balance of treasure.

"> before 2013.

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