Xiaobian for your analysis of Jingdong O2O strategic layout

only in the first time to grasp the development of the industry, in order to adjust the development strategy of the brand. Not long after Liu Qiangdong returned to the Jingdong (micro-blog) convened dozens of executives in the suburbs of Beijing closed meeting, decided to identify O2O as one of the five strategic in 2014; Ali, Baidu, Tencent, Suning the high-profile hit O2O giant banner, the Jingdong for the first time in the top surface that will force O2O.

9 month, Jingdong investment takeaway ordering website to gourmet food, which is considered the layout of Jingdong in the field of life services O2O. In October 16, Jingdong in 2013 Jingdong CMO Lanye appliance industry summit that Jingdong and some manufacturers have O2O Property Cooperation: cooperation with the Jingdong under the line line point manufacturers, service outlets as the point exists, manufacturers must give subsidies. November, Jingdong and Tang Long convenience store O2O project was officially launched, the preliminary test results are good; followed by the Jingdong in December Liu Qiangdong officially confirmed in the level of force in O2O in 2014.

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