How to adjust the structure of fishery industry in Zigong

economic development process, although there will be a lot of joy, but also will face a series of problems, we need to face in a timely manner, timely and effective solution. This time, in order to further increase the channel of Zigong, made a series of measures to adjust the structure of aquaculture.

(1) to expand the industrial scale. The implementation of pond standardized transformation, promote the water reservoir project of ecological farming, expand the low-lying land, wasteland, rice fields should be healthy aquaculture resources, strengthen the promotion of fishery Park and the size of the base level.

(2) to enhance industrial efficiency. Fostering the growth of enterprises, families and fishing grounds of new agricultural business entities, carry out standardized farming, change of fishery development, completion of the Ministry of agriculture aquaculture demonstration farm 25, certification of pollution-free aquatic products 144.

(3) to optimize the industrial structure. To speed up the optimization of common carp, crucian carp, silver carp, grass and other conventional fish breed structure, the introduction of fish, eel, loach catfish, tilapia and other famous varieties, the promotion of "rice fish symbiosis, aquaponics, livestock grass (earthworm) – ecological recycling agriculture fishery.

(4) broaden the channels of income. Optimization of urban areas, broaden the channels of industrial income. In Ziliujing District Rong Bian – Zhong Road, right Daniel Daan District, along the beach area Xian City – Yongan City Yantan Huang Liu Shan, Gongjing district and town construction along highway 305 along the focus on the development of leisure fishery 8000 acres.

through the above reports we can see, Zigong in the adjustment of the main structure of the aquaculture industry to expand the size of the industry, improve industrial efficiency, optimize the industrial structure, broaden the channels to increase the income of four thick search is. I hope in the future, these four measures can effectively solve the current situation of aquaculture in Zigong.

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