Shi Yuzhu to share with you the key to determine the success or failure of entrepreneurship 6

as the Internet industry giants, Shi Yuzhu’s success has always been talked about, many novice entrepreneurs want to learn from, small finishing the entrepreneurial success of key Shi Yuzhu analysis, and now share with everyone.

1. entrepreneurship must focus on the initial


we just start, our product is actually a software, not business, one year ahead of schedule, that is where I began to prepare for the software in the software. For the software on this issue really focused for a year, this year what I have done, this year also did not consider the business problems, have not considered the problem of organization structure, also did not consider the issue of recruitment, I is our only R & D personnel, I was also the only employee our company, almost a year’s time, to prepare, focusing on our products.

later when I have no money, advertising can do a tabloid version 1/4, the text or not, and this process is streamlined, streamlined advertisement for optimization of a process. It took me about half a month to copy it, and it was a half month’s focus on the copy of the ad, and I finally got it in a four minute version of the tabloid. After doing it, the effect is still good, they began to have orders, it was arranged that my software.


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