Students should adjust the mentality of the season and the biological clock

in the two months of summer vacation, you and when you go to school, early in the morning to start learning it? Every day there will be a fixed learning time, will not relax it? I’m afraid most of the students’ answers are negative. After two months of summer vacation, children have become accustomed to the relaxed, free living environment. However, the new semester is about to begin, many children are suffering from school phobia, from the depths of the conflict, some children even appear depressed, no reason to lose temper phenomenon. Parents also feel very puzzled, resorted to help children win their hearts "".

for small rise, small rise early, early rise, high rise children, from one environment to another environment, whether it can adapt to become a lot of parents a heart disease". Ms. Lu’s daughter is about to go to primary school, the past few days has been a mood not to go to school, so she is a headache. "The child is too dependent on me, can only slowly adapt to the." Ms. Lu said. The parents of the high school, said Liu, the child during the summer to play crazy, a little resistance to school, he is worried that he can not adapt to high school life.

parents should guide their children, give them positive encouragement." Quanzhou experimental primary school teacher Pan Yiping said that parents can take their children to school in advance to understand the new environment, and give the child a positive psychological hint, so that they participate in the preparation of learning supplies process.

Quanzhou seven Luo Hao teachers believe that, near the school, students should be reasonable arrangements for the time, do not finish the homework. At the same time, because the rest of a summer vacation, may forget last term knowledge, therefore may wish to review the knowledge points, "reviewing the old". To adjust the mentality and biological clock, as soon as possible into the role of learning. To establish the learning objectives of the new semester, develop learning plans. In particular, is about to enter a new stage of learning, students can do a good job in advance preparation of relevant subjects, more knowledge reserves, to be able to more calmly to face new lessons.

quasi college students should set up the goal of prospective college students who are going to go back to school, need to do what?

before the start of the first to adjust the mentality and work and rest, cultivate self-care ability and interpersonal skills." Quanzhou light industry Career Academy Wu said, "college students" to recognize the difference between the ideal and the reality, don’t put the university too ideal and optimistic attitude to face reality; two to establish a new university goal, University is autonomous learning, freshmen should establish new goals, clear their future in the end to employment three, or abroad; to be frank communication, to have a tolerant heart, fully respect the privacy of others and habits.

Huaqiao University student Du teacher said, prospective college students need to develop a scientific financial plan". Tuition, residence >

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