Four forms of migrant workers returning home

there are a lot of migrant workers’ entrepreneurship has become very common, but in the vast rural areas is also a lot of market opportunities, but also attracted many migrant workers have started to return to entrepreneurship.

data shows that in the existing China working group, nearly 15% of people plan to do business, there are nearly 30% people to return home when the self-employed. Under the influence of this trend of thought, then bid farewell to his hometown to go out to work young people, have returned home, their accumulated savings and wisdom into the new business.

outreach, transfer type

because of his policy support, the original in Guangdong have three small hotel own Zhang Fusheng, the whole industry transfer to the local people after the home business, in his hometown, he invested 300 thousand yuan, opened a restaurant in downtown grade. Zhang Fusheng this home belongs to transfer. He said, the transfer of their entrepreneurial goals, to return home business, and in the field, there are many advantages, one is familiar with interpersonal relationships, one is a variety of costs will be reduced." Now his restaurant has become an important place to host a variety of banquets, Mayor Mayor is our regulars." Zhang Fu is full of business.

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