Luoyang launched the double activity model based on Talents Cultivation

in promoting the double construction, around the launch of the policy looks the same, but have a different focus. The development of entrepreneurial enterprises as Luoyang helping to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation activities, Luoyang city issued a series of preferential policies to stimulate the vitality of enterprises, and the magic of talent as a portfolio of local enterprises to upgrade.

to play a leading role in CITIC Heavy Industries, the 725 Research Institute of state-owned enterprises, vigorously promote the "double" mode, CITIC Heavy Industries to encourage state-owned enterprises to establish internal business systems, build the technology innovation team chief staff "and" craftsman ", stimulate the vitality of entrepreneurial innovation.

intensify the construction of science and technology business incubator, and strive to 2020, the city’s science and technology business incubator incubator built over 30, a total area of 1 million square meters. Around the enterprise seed stage – start-up period – growth period, the different needs of the construction of science and technology enterprises to adapt to the needs of entrepreneurial nursery – Incubator – accelerator – Industrial Park, the formation of the whole chain incubation pattern.

double Luoyang mode recommended activities

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