Urumqi youth entrepreneurship contest highest reward 50 thousand yuan

entrepreneurship has become the theme of the current era, countless entrepreneurs in the excellent environment have embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, to achieve their dreams. Of course, in order to encourage the majority of entrepreneurs, all over the world also has a variety of preferential policies, related to the contest is countless. Urumqi youth entrepreneurship contest held recently, the highest award of up to 50 thousand yuan.

recently, Urumqi Shen Xin Club Cup youth entrepreneurship innovation contest officially launched. If your product technology, business model or market prospects in the competition to win, you will have the opportunity to receive a maximum of 50 thousand yuan in cash incentives, as well as a series of entrepreneurial support.

in order to encourage more entrepreneurial companies and entrepreneurial team to participate in the contest is not restricted to the project type, which is also a highlight of the contest. The contest is divided into team group and enterprise group competition, the highest award of 50 thousand yuan, the cumulative total prize reached $300 thousand. After the end of the competition, the competition will be selected from the industry to participate in the national semi-finals and special events semi-finals.

reporter learned that this registration is divided into districts (counties) and the social and social entrepreneurship Park recommended two forms of social registration. Those intending to participate in the entrepreneurial team, enterprise, may be concerned about the WeChat public platform "Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship competition Urumqi division (sxrsbcyds)" the relevant information about the competition, entrepreneurship project book download and registration form.

after the end of the game, will set up the enterprise group first prize 1, two prize 2, third-prize 3, encouragement award 3, were given 50 thousand yuan, 30 thousand yuan, 20 thousand yuan, 5000 yuan reward; the team prize 1, two prize 2, 3, third-prize encouragement award 3, were given 30 thousand yuan, 20 thousand yuan, 10 thousand yuan, 5000 yuan reward.

Urumqi employment service administration career guidance center director Bao Yingjie said that through this competition, to create a good atmosphere of attention support entrepreneurship and innovation within the City camp, attract more young people, especially the young college students to represent the active record industry boom, providing favorable conditions for entrepreneurship and innovation, to build a broad stage, find and cultivate a number of outstanding innovative talents, explore and support a number of development potential, good market prospects of the outstanding entrepreneurial innovation projects, and strive to achieve "the support of a number of good projects, creating a number of good business, set up a number of good typical, good effect a new wave of entrepreneurship".

such a large amount of reward, an entrepreneurial competition like this, for the development of Urumqi local youth entrepreneurship and innovation career naturally has a great promotion, so as to promote the better development of the local economy, make entrepreneurship to create a better future.

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