Shop business can not be afraid of trouble

is now a lot of people want to shop business is booming, there are numerous customers to shop, but at the same time very afraid of trouble, such business psychology, want to let the shop business is not easy to hot. Early last year, the shop outside the roadside set up a bus station. Although there are more customers in the store, trouble is coming.

a lot of people who ride the bus to catch the bus, want to temporarily stored in the open space outside the shop. Considering half a day, I refused the request. After all, I do not have time to look at the tube, in case the car lost how to do? In addition, too many people need to park the bike, I simply can not care, so do not give yourself trouble. So, I made a "car parked in front of the ban" brand, on the door.

see any trouble, trouble and other Attendant – store traffic is significantly reduced. Because people who ride the bus to stop the car to a very far place, and then rushed to the bus station, there is no time to shop to buy things. So look at the shop often come to many people, but no improvement in my business.

I reflect on their own practice, the contents of the outside of the brand changed to free parking". Slowly, the loss of tourists back. Because there is no hurry, a lot of people waiting for the car will go around the shop, by the way to buy something, and even some people come to my shop to buy gifts to visit relatives and friends.


is only a small change, they need to bear more trouble, but it is very helpful for the operation of the store. Therefore, while looking at the shop, I try to help you take care of the vehicle, so as not to lose. Although spent a lot of time, but in exchange for the continuous rise in turnover, but also worthy of. Willing to give up, is a business philosophy, but also a kind of life wisdom.

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