Selection of food and beverage to join the project to go small chain lock

for the catering industry entrepreneurs, franchising is a good way of business, the headquarters of the backer, the purchase management decoration problem without one thought, and in the choice of catering to join the project must be cautious when.

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"food and beverage industry in recent years, when the project came out, think it’s name is very interesting." Wang Cen said, according to Wang Cen investment logic of the catering industry, the future should be to "small" walking path, open shop to do high-end absolutely can not go very dangerous. "Very early, I have said this, the food and beverage industry, including any consumer, should be changed to the trend of consumption in developed countries, emphasizing cost-effective. Consumers can not be fooled, give users a good product and service, but the price is not too high." He took the Hongkong tea restaurant as an example, why can not stand the tea restaurant, and some also listed?.

so, soup in the north is established? Wang Cen believes that can be set up. "Guangdong has a lot of good things, nothing better than Guangdong, eat in Guangdong. But Guangdong food is not willing to go out to the north, which is the bottleneck of management." But look at the northern market performance from Tomson kitchen this year, northern people like to drink soup, good performance. Tomson kitchen three years after the development of more than five years, the team needs to work hard, but the market in the short term to determine the certainty of the north."

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