The domain name system is also more brilliant than the sun

NPC and CPPCC closing session, Premier Wen proposed Singapore United Morning Post Singapore in answer to reporters "public opinion for Chinese government foreign policy have much influence", given the most warm answer: "justice is more glorious than the sun".


heard this speech from Premier Wen, there was a lot of ripples in his mind. China’s foreign policy requires fairness and justice, and China’s modernization needs equity and justice. Only in this way can China become rich and powerful. Lenovo’s Internet development in China also requires the power of fairness and justice.

and what is real justice? Justice is the moral act that people in order to overcome the current evil, and ultimately to safeguard human harmony and happiness. Justice refers to the equality of opportunity when people pursue their goals. The domain name system, which has been hotly discussed recently, is a manifestation of the principle of fairness and justice.

as everyone knows, the Internet is a free environment, but because of the "free" leads to a flood of network crime, against bad information in the network, the network waste was contrary to the original intention of the development of the Internet, more contrary to the freedom of their ideas. Although the domain name real name information required is international practice, but some mercenary registrars are not put in place, really now, Chinese advance than other countries step fully and strictly implement the domain name system, which is actually the "justice" interpretation.

In fact, the

domain name system since the implementation has indeed achieved remarkable results, just two months, poor application of CN under the domain name dropped from 15% to 5%, the maintenance of public happiness, but also weaken the forces of evil in the Internet, the majority of Internet users a fair competition opportunity.

domain name system, is required to register all the information is true, accurate and complete, is the same treatment for anyone, although the increase in regulatory workload, but brought to the general public is a secure domain environment, bring to the China Internet industry is a healthy and orderly the development of atmosphere.

in recent years, the dispute of domain name, domain name, domain name hijacking, tampering and other cases have occurred, but its root is often the registered information is not real, it shows that the website managers to protect their own rights and interests indifference. Domain name is not real, just to criminals to take advantage of the machine. This is the domain name holder of "fairness and justice" to give up power, because the holders of active or is harmful to their own domain name and Internet Security unknowingly, destroy people’s pursuit of a healthy Internet environment desire.

today, domain name system calls for public attention to their own interests, in January 14, 2010, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released "on a registered domain name information to check the work of the notice". Among them, the "domain name registration information" as the domain name rights transfer and change rights information certificate, but also the domain name holder legitimate rights and interests to protect the premise and important basis". Data expert shark thinks

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