Rivers and lakes rain at night ten years of lights 1

              first of all, I am not Mr. Du Mu through, but not a result, Qing Yun Zhuge predecessors, youth literature and martial arts fans, go to sleep, don’t be confused the title of your eyes, this is not for you to see. What I’m going to say is that I’ve been through the Internet for ten years.

          words from 1998 to now, pronto, ten years have passed, these ten years I meet and come to and from the internet… Bah, far far, say what.

              now, the Internet is the first time I heard in the newspaper a tofu article, probably in 1994, said what the information superhighway what, oh, it was also called the Internet, later with a working at the Institute classmates talk about him. We proudly said there has been connected to the Internet, a kind of mail received per second in the United States about a dozen bytes, a more than 100 word letter mail a few minutes that quickly gathered, don’t mention it, I was fascinated, it is necessary to know when the fastest urgent telegram also takes one day to ah. When we get on this highway to enjoy the world as palm hands feeling, distain the turtle speed of post office. Look at the AST386 in the office and imagine the mail from America coming down from the top of the screen one by one. That’s a cool one… Not ah, really jumping around in character, is this is the legendary Xinxiangshicheng? No, I’m poisoned! So confused to come up with kv300, kill and the like, a crazy kill.

      in 1995, in the classroom of Zhejiang University, listening to my teacher, Professor Chen Qingzhang, talked about the WWW, TCP/IP, Internet, the Internet, the ten commandments… Professor Chen, his early years in the Hong Kong Polytech University as a visiting scholar, where the contact of the Internet, a get out of hand the crush on her, but also very poetic called "my love", is China’s first generation of worms. Unexpectedly, after some years, the unworthy of me, a blatant violation of Ten Commandments first, into the Internet commercialization tide to.

              fast forward to 1996, friends mysteriously come up with a blue cover stamping "INTERNET operator certificate", that is to participate in the Tianjin authority Internet training, qualified to the Internet and so on. Poor child, I did not expect the time, Chinanet has just set up, Ineternet spring breeze has not blown my hometown town of Jiaxing, and say, what have learned, command line email, gopher, b>

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