Quickly make your website support multiple languages

personal webmaster, more only in simplified Chinese display,

    but in the search engine in the network, there will be more friends around the world to intentionally or unintentionally come to your website, is to seize the potential customers, or just let him become a member of many more or less IP?

    especially for many foreign trade websites, the customer is the foundation of the enterprise! Seizing customers is half the battle!

    Google when browsing the blackboard newspaper, found that Google translate has been updated recently, just add a piece of code on the website, can make the other twenty-three kinds of foreign language users through Google translate easily, with their native Chinese Webpage understand you!

< script src=" url=http://s.www.google.com/ig/modules/translatemypage.xml& up_source_language=zh-CN& http://s.www.gmodules.com/ig/ifr? W=160& h=60& title=& border=& output=js" >

Figure 1: Google translate gadget menu selection control

figure two: the language listed in the Google translate gadget menu


Figure three: the

– French Edition

gold drunk beauty

version: http://s.www.zmking.com

Chinese dianjin drunk beauty

point of the French version of drunk beauty: http://s. Hl=zh-CN& langpair=zh-CN%7Cfr& u=http://s.www.zmking.com/& client=tmpg

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