What are the growing hacker tools used in the development process

in recent years on the Chinese Internet, the knowledge is almost an existence that can not be ignored. No one can know this website like, although only about 30000000 users, the influence is everywhere; know almost beyond doubt in order to grow the domestic high-quality knowledge quiz community, also precipitated professional content very much high value. What’s more, the corresponding knowledge is almost covered or covered by the most valuable and high-quality professionals in the country.


know almost was founded in January 26, 2011, the product form is similar to the Quora, has a beginning from a niche geek community in order to grow huge community, with 30 million registered users, not only that, knowing the user retention rate as high as 80%.

users may be in the portal, today’s headlines, micro-blog, WeChat, see the network hot spots, but the final qualitative conclusions will be rivers, sinks Haiti, back to know almost, "look at what is on the know how to say."". Depth mining, insider breaking, and multi angle analysis have occurred in the know.

wears the coat of "question and answer website", knowing that he has become the biggest comprehensive discussion community on Chinese internet.

, let’s see what growth hacks we use in the development process,

one, circle of friends, small game promotion,

November 17, 2014, know about the production of small game "financial buns shop" on-line, in the WeChat circle of friends crazy pass. It is understood that the daily newspaper is defined as a "soft game", the purpose of which is to promote the new book "money art". This is a small game on entrepreneurship, players in the identity of the business owner, the daily management of their own baozi make decisions. It sounds nothing special, but a lot of people who have played find, hey, it’s really interesting.


game on the line, three days later, "money operation" is the Amazon book sales total champion, is also the sale champion, champion, champion new economy. This result is beyond the know of the team’s expectations – "I did not expect we even Xiao Xiurong PubMed books were defeated, it is a miracle."."

"financial steamed bun shop", the marketing of small game can’t be done. As of 20, in the game click "buy cheats" this option, the number of independent users will be 550 thousand.

so, how did this game work,


1. creativity relies on user content

why is the Baozipu? In the financial problems of knowledge in an enterprise, respondents often use "Baozipu" to represent the most basic, around which a series of user-friendly explanation and deduction, the financial problems of boring as down to earth Baozipu story, formed in the course of time Baozipu unique ">

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