Use forum marketing to promote actual cases of O2O model websites

had written some website promotion and Internet marketing experience sharing articles, but some friends emailed me say these methods require long-term maintenance will be effective, ask if there is a faster and more effective promotion methods, after all, the boss will not have such patience. Of course, the fastest way is to vote for Baidu and advertising, but I know what they want is free. So the share forum marketing method two months before I used to you, this is the result of actual combat and finally in the sales aspect obtains the customer approval, I hope you read the 100% case I don’t directly imitate, but to get new inspiration from my experience. If you have interested in BBS marketing, you can log on Liu Zijun’s blog to communicate with me.

because the customer site is using o2o mode of operation, so this promotion methods are designed in accordance with the o2o model. What is the o2o mode? O2O, that is, Online To Offline, is the opportunity to combine offline business with the Internet, so that the Internet has become the forefront of offline trading. Online services can be used online showmanship, consumers can use the line and screening services, online transaction settlement, and soon reached the scale. With the development of localized e-commerce on the Internet, the relationship between information and physical objects, online and offline becomes more and more close. O2O allows e-commerce sites to move into a new phase. Li Kaifu once pointed out: "if you don’t know O2O, at least know buy, but buy is only the tip of the iceberg, just the first step."."

during the Dragon Boat Festival launch of a traditional colored snacks, we hope that through the Internet promotion, so that consumers can through the website or to the store to buy the chain, but because it is traditional delicacy, and no product in the traditional and any ideas, so it is difficult to find something that is not too simple promotion effect obviously, so we planned a find type posts to attract customers, please look at the pictures, because there is a business information on the picture, in order to avoid the suspicion of advertising, if you want to see the effect of pictures of friends, please login browse Liu Zi Jun’s blog.

post content is: in NetEase above see (five colored dim sum), girlfriend want to eat, but do not know where to buy these five kinds, please help, provide clues. At first I thought it was easy, but I didn’t think I could find the crystal cake that I used to eat. Most urgent, please help ~ ~ ~ (attached picture)

then let’s talk about the operation flow

The first in the

forum NetEase made an introduction colored snacks post, why do you do this? Because the one thing will have a reason, not without head or tail, your post credibility will be greatly reduced, do this step you have things like this before and after cause. To echo, then the content of the post above issued in Guangzhou local well-known forum, post the contents do not add URL, URL and deleted the risk of a big.

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