What do you need to notice to build a website brand image

has two different domain name domain name values in the investment community and the webmaster, is a "domain name is content" is a "domain name brand", the former is mainly manifested in the content of the web site type and site response to the domain name, such as bbs.ifeng.com/, that is the nature of the reflected in the website BBS the domain name, and www.zhaopin.com/, that is the content of your web site to a domain name on the reaction. The more closely related to the content of the domain name, the greater its value.

, the latter refers to the domain name, the website name, the website trademark and so on to be consistent. According to the trademark laws and regulations, the domain name will be created as the enterprise or website’s network brand. For example, the two major search engine giants Google and Baidu, major portals. These two domain name values are neither right nor wrong. The location is different. The value of the natural domain name is different. From the trend of recent years, more and more websites have realized the great value of domain name as brand image. Exert oneself to build network brand image. Such as just released Microsoft search engine "Bing", kaixin001.com and kaixin.com "true and false", "happy nets" dispute.

domain name as the core of the network brand image has no controversy, many enterprises and websites also play famous brands, and try their best to build their brand image. Even if the domain name and website content properties have nothing to do, may also be because the user experience is good easy to remember the good reading and greatly enhance the brand value of the website. Therefore, the domain name value is absolutely not to be ignored. To become bigger and stronger to enhance the site’s competitiveness and the degree of commercialization, the good domain is the key, but the stationmaster net admin5.com satisfied that building website brand image have a good domain name is not enough, also need to start from many aspects, from every detail, taking into account the image of the website localization, brand value.

, let’s talk about the positioning problem first. Webmasters know the location of the site is important. Whether it is user positioning, content positioning, product concept positioning, marketing positioning, profit model positioning, there is a link is not done well, will have a great impact on the site. Site positioning should first combine their own characteristics, user centric, taking into account the needs and habits of users. The second is to consider the brand image problem, if you want to do for the local owners of the local SNS website, it should be in the brand image in the full range of outstanding website to local owners as the center, such as the website promotion language, logo, the content of the website, like vegetables, these parking spaces according to the classic SNS function webmaster webmaster needs outstanding personality. Only when the brand image of the website is integrated into each link of the website can the brand image be ubiquitous.

then, all the work on the website should be optimized around the brand image. Whether it is before the establishment of the site or after the station, the initial stage or website development period, at each stage to test the rate of brand image. What brand of image do you want to have? What kind of people do you want to know more about your station?

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