Two directions of the profit of the workshop network

do plant network webmaster, most are follow the trend, and I also like, why can someone make money, some people can’t earn, mainly is thinking and innovation problems, put forward a simple workshop network thinking

first SEO + the word "city" building if the optimization is not hard work, according to the experience of predecessors, do the first page should not be very difficult, so it is necessary to do SEO.

key offline promotion for the webmaster may rely on garbage station for students is not a simple thing, because we are accustomed to the forum post, keyword optimization, for local promotion, need to talk with customers, but also because of this, the US is both a challenge and an opportunity to learn, to exercise their own become good promotion of online and offline


required materials: a good, attractive cooperation program, of course, in the head; a box of cards, the best regular. Business card is equivalent to a website facade, directly affect people to see your interest in the station;

non Essentials: smoke, wine, just watch it,

1. talking to intermediaries about

is a large intermediary market, they are constantly fighting for the opportunity, if your site keyword ranking is not very good, it must be and intermediary to talk well, because the site for general intermediary is a great thing, most of them don’t know what keyword ranking ah, ah the net profit is not the short-term can plant site, don’t care too much about my money out. And talk about the intermediary purpose is to cooperate with them, do not have to earn, put positive attitude, to exercise their abilities in the first row, profit second, the win is not only to the RMB, there are more valuable experience


is a simple model of cooperation, intermediary pull to a customer, he published on the website, paid to him, let the agency know, released to the success probability of online transactions will be much larger, to instill this idea. Now most of the plant network audit fee is 100, then 50 to the intermediary, not 50, 50 we can not compromise, because more than one two intermediary of a city, there are a lot of meat is waiting for us to pick up more, some intermediary tanlong, audit fee is, if have advertising, also equally, produce transaction intermediary costs, intermediary take all, earned money is better than general, because we haven’t go up keyword. Word of mouth is not good enough, but when we stick to it for a year or two, there are many people know this station, our market opened, and the money is naturally good.

2. talking to customers about


will see our webmaster in the local network, there is a need who have relatives and friends, it must not let go, it is easy to generate word-of-mouth, then we should "telephone marketing", give the boss ah, especially the rental workshop call in the past eleven to find these people call needless to say.

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