08 years do stand to earn little cheaper to eat burned

one day in March, 08, suddenly thought of a local classified information website. Say, do, do, I never ambiguous. The first step: registering a CN domain name. There’s no other reason. Just one yuan, cheap.

second step: give the website a good name. What is the name of that? Then, our local famous website, is the "Dongying information port".

third step: waiting for Baidu included, half a month later, the site included. Dongying information port, a few words ranking is really good, Baidu ranked third. Just depend on this keyword. Come to 300-500ip every day or so.

followed by more than half a year, that is, early 09 it, traffic is only about 200ip. Everyone wondered, operating for more than six months, the flow did not increase, but declined, then I analyzed the following reasons:

1, because of the cheap use of the CN domain name. Most Internet users don’t know much about what CN means, and Com’s position in their minds is hard to shake. The first time someone else accidentally came, and immediately feel that your site is good, the next time you can not find the entrance.

2, the website name is "Dongying information port"". At the beginning of development, it did make a little bit of money for others. But for a long time, but also put themselves in it, the user can not tell who is who. The result is equivalent to doing half a day, in vain for others to do married clothes.

3, excessive dependence on Baidu, traffic basically rely on "Dongying Information Port" this keyword. As a result, Baidu adjusted, ranking down, traffic is no longer on. Old users, one did not retain.

here to prepare to do regular station webmaster, 3 suggestions:

1, the domain name to use COM, do not save the tens of dollars of money, if the money saved, will suffer a great deal. Try to register the relevant domain names, especially those that are misspelled, if possible.

2, the name of the website should be as unique as possible. If the user comes to your website next time, in search you rank must first, moreover is unique, such old user is easy to leave, must not use other people’s name, occupies other people’s cheapness, is not worth the candle.

3, Baidu do not over rely on, a regular station at least 40% of the direct input site users, it is normal, 90% traffic by Baidu, sooner or later have to pay the price.

gives some of the above lessons, 09 years from the new made a Zibo classification information station. The old honest practical COM domain name: is0533.com. this time there will not be the last error. Hope that 09 years of web development is getting better and better, but also sincerely wish you all the webmaster in the new year, do a good job standing, big money!


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