Grief and indignation rookie Adsense exchange links are so difficult

these two days, because they do a new station, like all the webmaster, waiting for Baidu included, but could not wait to karma, like all owners with their new sites: QQ space message code ( and another station for Links, so depressed things out.

"PR how much?" "Baidu included how much?" "how much traffic?" this is my last few days heard the most a few words, I can only say to him, my new station, no PR, not included, no traffic.

actually, I also know that there is no way. You do not include, it is indeed not a few webmaster willing to link with you. Of course, except by K’s station. General owners are paying attention to this, but for my rookie, for new sites, it is really difficult.

1., I don’t have a standing group. There are standing groups or garbage stations more, I can do in their own garbage station links, as can speed up Baidu included.

2., I don’t have a PR station. Rookie. A station is difficult to collect, and want to get PR, may be more difficult.

3., sadly, I haven’t included it yet. All know now Baidu included more difficult, rookie do not understand technology, don’t understand, SEO may be more difficult, so, I have not been Baidu included, really is too sad…

The reason for this is not to say that

and others blame webmaster links, may own PR than high and new links, here only want to say is, we should combine the new rookie webmaster, do not link is not? We can do it yourself. Your new station chain, my new station, my new station in the chain of your new station, we link each other, at the same time can speed up Baidu included, can also attract more spiders?.

once read an article, say, as if the PR value of the increase, not to see your site links quantity, but quality, new sites in general links are very few, so, may contribute PR points higher than the PR value of the station. Isn’t that right? I don’t understand SEO, master.

so, just set up a rookie ZZ link, I hope everyone can come inside this link, hope to this group of people not to care about PR, do not go to care included, not to care about the flow, as long as it is, even if it is new, we can still link. But K station except ah, all know the link K station to oneself station influence, estimate not a few people noble to this point, the original new station, difficult link, also chain was K station, estimate Baidu will not like. I guess, I don’t understand SEO.

rookie ZZ link group number: 24215837, hope not to care about PR, included, flow webmaster can join in.

although we are still very good, we can make progress together.

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