nternet money profit and ability to enhance the inspiration

this few years to write articles, see industry insiders wrote an article on the Lu Songsong blog article, I think it is necessary to pay attention to these years Lu Songsong and harvest of this blog to write about, learning and inspiration is my most valuable person from Lou loose blog and the things.

trend, personal webmaster has become less and less, which is on the surface of things or local things, in fact, the Internet industry China, webmaster and Internet operators to promote the relevant practitioners or occupy a large part of their common problems are the lack of knowledge of system for Internet promotion or are interested in but has not yet started.

in these years contribute to Lu Songsong’s blog the great part of the work belongs to the operation of marketing and promotion, to pay attention to the problems faced by the practitioners of depth is limited, therefore, in today’s mobile Internet trend approaching, they transition to another carrier, but what the real needs of good service the content, but also have the opportunity to.


know Lu Songsong in 2011, when just entering the Internet industry, and later in the Taos Ding speed transit network activities began to know this man and this blog has been intermittent attention so far, has not met, but these years also contribute above many articles and the comparison of long-term business cooperation.

last year, QQ talked about whether you are interested in working in Beijing, do the business channel soft Wen Lou song song together, due to personal reasons did not promise. So far, I personally saw the development of Lu Songsong blog in an important part of the process, that is, from the original knowledge, experience sharing, and gradually increase marketing services, this is an improvement.

I appreciate some Ding Taos, Tang Shijun, Cardiff and Lu Songsong, both of them have the characteristics of each person, common is also directly still adhering to the initial selection of things, and strive to improve step by step. Ding Taos today’s Internet comment view is still unique, doubling the current Tang Shijun SEO diagnosis still effect, the teacher Cardiff SEO training knowledge is still easy to understand thinking innovation, Lou loose blog is still a carrier of our learning experience and inspiration thought.

content, is king, is also the basis of all

engaged in the Internet industry buddy must also know this sentence a few years ago the SEO era said, actually today content output is still very important, as mentioned in this article Lu Songsong said in the blog, he does not want to see the content of this blog, or WeChat public number, is not in fact the carrier of this factor, but the value of content.


Lu Songsong blog has been updated all these years, and people who continue to follow it will surely find that the content has not changed much, and there has always been experience in sharing experiences and operating ideas, but >

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