Do not understand the code of the webmaster earn 4000 hardships experience confession

, I’m quite a beginner. All the successes are on the A5 forum. Let me talk about it.

I graduated from a computer major, but the school is all about textbook. Besides, what else can I do in school besides Internet cafes and


May 2009 I happened to see the site is now more and more, I also had to make a website dream, but the people around me no one will, don’t know where to start, so I saw a lot of Baidu search forum exclusively for Adsense service, so every day I as long as the Internet to A5 look at the various articles, the first point of understanding after I began to buy the domain name + space. I bought a 50M. Search all kinds of free code uploads. There are a lot of code that is free of charge but one to know there are many functional limitations, ah. Debugging is not in the machine, it is too cumbersome to send back and forth. Later, I heard that there is a movie system source code is not limited, I got a collection of movies, crazy to do the chain, and finally around IP30 per day. I also applied GG advertising, 30IP can point several GG! I love to remove the 2 months of hard film program.

I came to the A5 forum to see a lot of selling source code, very cheap. Because I know very much about our local mobile phone market prices, is also a chance that one day I saw a man selling mobile phone number in the source program trading, I click into place, is really good, I asked the price only 15 yuan, I have a good. In this way, I pass this program up to the rear view, nothing wrong, I put the source of that station address and name are changed to mine, and inside a variety of categories also changed to my, the framework has not changed. There is no place to go directly to the A5 to find the cash task, let them do 10 pieces of 20. Station finally finished, domain name is also in accordance with the industry to register. But how to make money? I want to go directly to our local mobile phone card market, there are many traffickers, their hands are a lot of source, pretty, I said they would help them sell. I put the number on the number of one to my station, the search engine has been included, found that the number of mobile phone interested in people is really much, we have almost no local stations.

Every day I

phone and QQ flash, a good number to earn tens to hundreds, because there is no price limit number, as long as love a number of people, he sold dozens of pieces is bought. I am not advertising, ah, because my customers are local, so it is now a month to earn more than 4000, for me is satisfied, after all, we have no technology, no funds. Here, I’d like to thank the A5 forum very much. Happy new year to all of you. (my writing is poor, but that’s what I’m talking about. I’d like to share it with you.)

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