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for the first time in the webmaster network hair article, before all see what you write, this talk about the development trend of mother and baby industry chain. Hope to communicate with you more. My QQ:8185046

is a typical Chinese father should be what? In many Chinese eyes, father is perhaps Zhu Ziqing’s that simple, honest man be scanty of words. This is the old man’s point of view. People ignore the young guys with unkempt hair, hip hop, casual clothes, and Han Han’s opinion leaders. They’re becoming a new generation of dads.

80 boys are subverting the traditional image of Chinese fathers, who were born after the reform and opening up, and are now raising their babies. This is almost inadvertently occur, you can sigh the flight of time, time flies, but you can not face these more than 20 years ago, the baby is becoming the fact that family consumer decision-making. Because the Olympic Games and the new year, Chinese will usher in a new baby boom this year, 80 young parents are no longer in the older generation of parenting as an example, they are in their own generation perspective and way to treat their next generation. There is no doubt that 80 parents will let pregnant baby consumption become more diverse and rich, fashion, the idea behind upheaval is a new round of industrial opportunities, but it also means that the game has started a wider range.

80 generation is a rebellious generation, they are brave to accept new things, and where more and more contact with the network, the network can bring them convenience, but also make them dependent. I believe that after 80 mothers will also benefit a lot in the network, not only because they often access the Internet, but more importantly, now a large number of domestic maternal and child websites frequently appear. From the well-known network, the cradle of baby tree, red child, mother said, you fancy baby to mother, around the area of large and small sites, earlier in stationmaster net once saw Guangzhou mother network, it also shows that the maternal Chinese industrial chain in the growing, the ability to get the biggest play.

below, on the domestic mainstream maternal and child web site model to do an analysis.

1, information + services: a typical representative of the cradle network, baby tree.

analysis: Cradle network is a large maternal and child information website, CEO Wang Huainan served as president of Dangdang, with years of industry experience, built a large industry site. Cradle network has the largest expert advisory group, most of the members are clinical, health care, psychological and early childhood experts in the field, they will occasionally go to the cradle network and friends chat dialogue. If parents want to let the experts evaluation on one of their own baby, cradle network is free, but let the experts to provide personalized guidance scheme for the charge for it, which is the growth ladder project cradle network, this project is a major test of cradle net across a pure media. But investors gained recognition, the CEO Gao Xiang is perhaps the last ditch, C>

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