Put the thunder chain will be Google as malicious software

first look at the Google on the sandai.net security definition of http://s.www.google.com/safebrowsing/diagnostic? Site=sandai.net/& hl=zh-CN with which to "the website hosted malware?" column


also attach my search screenshot Google I’m standing in


maybe you will say that I have other malicious software on my station. Here is a screenshot of my malicious software which is displayed in the Google webmaster tool.


Google’s list of problems linked all the thunder chain, see reply saying there is my site, so please read back here, detailed enough, don’t lie or you are a customer service weight in the eyes, so I have no words to say, but still have to have problems with the links page code posted for everyone to see (you should still thunder chain excuse, I have nothing to say)


to GG representations, but the first statement did not succeed, I hope to negotiate if the thunder official, is defined as a malicious web page, then who dare to put the thunder chain, Google not to unravel, we can only park thunder chain, did not expect the thunder chain will be classified as malicious behavior of people the sky, Hua Jun, Dortmund are put, also do not see Google as a malicious web site, it seems that Google will bully.

but it also found another product, thunder search, gougou.com is also hosting malware Google list, put the dog search advertising with Firefox open will know, do not know is not the thunder’s default search for Baidu, Google revenge came, the Internet is really messy.

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