Yesterday to create a classic case detailed description of the current promotion methods

yesterday was a turning point, the traffic was again high, ha ha.

summed up a number of specific methods of promotion, and bring out to share with you.


my blog "shocking odera deeds as a" lifestyle blog theme is very casual, very casual words, one can’t make bricks without straw, so SEO has not been well done, every day from the search engine to IP not more than two, so I had once discouraged.

discovered dota yesterday (a very popular game, university dormitory, almost all dota) a small trick, using bug to no hurt Roshan, this skill release must be very sensational, I think. So do a screenshot, a detailed description of the most important strategy, and have the original professional, SEO is well done, I set the following key words: "a dozen Roshan, Morphling, Raiders, water, water," title Roshan "to teach you how to use a person. No ROSHAN, the injury hit all the keywords in bold, and consciously carried out. After the article was released, as expected, within a few hours, there were more than 10 visitors from Google, and I was satisfied.

Forum promotion:

has the specialized content, does not worry about the promotion, therefore I looked for the domestic dota community popularity quite high several forums, registration ID, will take the link article to open pastes the publication. There is a small episode accidentally: RN forum, pictures in the default network can not be copied, so eager to see the Raiders of the students usually point to my original link, the conversion rate is very high, not deliberately, but can give us inspiration.

social media promotion:

1, share links, because the DOTA atmosphere in the school, the content is very popular, so the effect is good, and then make a few friends to share, this promotion is endless.

2, watercress network promotion, write a diary, send to the group with links to articles, recommended site, grab the sofa with links and so on, as long as you have a promotion of the heart, in addition to micro-blog watercress is the best promotion base.

3, micro-blog through promotion, my micro-blog pass bound twitter, Sina, micro-blog, Renren, watercress, do what, whisper, thunder monkey… "The odera shocking story" on all articles, has been released, I will be the first time in the micro-blog announcement, a synchronous, still higher than the efficiency of the


4, QQ group mail, I added two 500 dota group, just opened a group of mail, hey hey, I will not relent, ~

and so on, or that sentence, as long as you have a promotion of the heart, the method is endless. At the same time, borrow >

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