Nine simple steps to build a customer base how to let customers recommend new customers to you

nine simple steps can help you build your own customer base – and can help your best customers.

recommendation is always the best channel for you to get new customers. Unfortunately, many people ask for the wrong person, the wrong way, the wrong time, and the follow-up work is done very badly.

here is how to correctly do that, this is all according to the interview on Joanne Black compiled, Joanne Black Pick Up the Damn Phone "is" the author of the book, I think this book is one of the best selling books in 2013 five:

1. understand what you want. When you ask for a recommendation, you are actually asking the other person to use his or her credit to ensure that you are someone worth noting. It’s a big deal, so treat it as a big deal.

2. first wins trust. When you contact a target customer for the first time, asking for advice is wasting your time. If a person hasn’t bought anything from you and thinks you deserve a colleague’s attention, you won’t get a valid recommendation.

3. make sure who you need. Instead of asking someone to help you find someone who needs our services, it’s better to tell the referees what types of people and what the company is most likely to need. It is better to have specific goals in mind. (hint: use LinkedIn.


4. asks the other party to take an action rather than ask for a contact. Instead of simply giving each other a name, phone, and email address, you should ask your sponsor to call or write an e-mail to the target customer. Make sure what you want your references to say, and make sure your references are willing to say it.

5. gets confirmation of the promise. Ask your sponsor to tell you what is recommended (or to send the recommended email to you) so that you can make sure that your references have taken the action you requested…… Before you follow up.

6. immediately thank you for your references. When your sponsor agrees to take action to recommend you, be sincere in thanking each other before taking action, not only for politeness, but also for reminding them to remember to act.

7. tracks recommendations. Since your references have recommended you, you have an internal relationship. Make good use of it.

8. thank you again for your references. When you follow each other to help you recommend the goal, write an email or a phone call to express your gratitude and simply follow instructions, such as "you are right, Fred is a very good man."


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