Sing hot to the webmaster inspiration

intelligent mobile phone in recent years, many young people have installed app sing, sing also believe that there is no need for me to introduce, just on the line for three days, the login apple APPstore top three, and recent rumors sing 500 million estimate and not about whether these data have water see, sing a few months since the performance, there are many worthy of our webmaster mining and learning place indeed.

, first, Chen Hua, founder and founder of the singing company, has a good resume. He graduated from Peking University. Is a veteran of the Internet community, he had been the founder of the and cool news travel network, why should I introduce Chen Hua’s resume, is trying to explain that, as a webmaster, many young stationmaster dreams do a good website, but they do not know, to create a truly outstanding the Internet products are often needed to precipitation, a new webmaster or inexperienced webmaster is difficult to create an excellent website product.

as a grassroots webmaster, or need to continue to accumulate experience, in the real project exercise yourself. Go back to sing, mobile phone singing, mobile phone KTV concept can be said to be an entrepreneurial concept, it can also be said to be an innovative concept. Some people say that in China, lack of innovation, I agree with this point of view, but compared to sing it is innovative.

so that the innovation of our grassroots webmaster is also very important, someone asked the station to take the site what innovation at all, this is wrong, the webmaster say how can be innovative, but innovation webmaster can too many places, for example, owners can make innovation in profit model, can make innovations in the web form, can make innovations in the user experience.

Why does

have many webmaster think no need to go to the grassroots innovation, in fact, I can understand, because they think the lack of grassroots webmaster technology, do the webmaster often executive ability known, many people think that innovation is established on the basis of technology, it is right. But smart webmaster must have the means, but also have the ability to avoid their own technical disadvantages, and to achieve some innovation.

sing APP operation is also very worthy of our study, Chen Hua began to sing in a just on the line, is to sing in such as synchronous push, 91 assistant this platform up, he is good at using the platform to promote their products.

sing the operation also with the micro-blog marketing, I think the SMO is a very effective platform, compared to traditional SEO, SEM and other means of promotion, SMO and micro-blog marketing, this type of marketing marketing is very direct, in the face of the user, the effect is very direct, communication is also very good, very worthy of our reference to grassroots webmaster.

many grassroots webmaster now still rigidly adhere to use SEO to promote web site, in fact, similar to sing, so avant-garde products, long ago abandoned this push >

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