Analysis of the importance of persistence for website success

a lot of individual stationmaster is not successful now, I think the main reason is to cannot hold on. Here’s some of my information to tell you about the importance of holding on to a website. Generally from the site domain name, direction, content, the chain construction, website management and so on.

1, adhere to the selected site domain name

from my website or online friends know that many webmaster webmaster friends, love often change the domain name (bought an old domain name or bought more related to the theme of the site domain name and so on), this is not very good, because you change the domain name, your site must have losses, some of my friends say, do the old station in the new guidelines, I tell you, even if it is, your new beginning is no weight, the weight should be converted slowly from the old station, this time is lost in a website. Not so in the case cannot but do not change the website domain name.

2, adhere to the established direction of the site

has a part of the website, you see today is the forum, after a period of time has become group buying. As a webmaster, don’t go with the flow, don’t think what kind of station ignition to do what site, so that in the end you may be what station did not do well. I say this example an online friend said to me, he is a friend has just started to do a webmaster information, but later heard that the forum, to the forum, forum and become a popular website that Wangzhuan not how good, and to do Wangzhuan site, do a while this site is not how good, and later switched to group purchase group purchase group purchase, but, later burn very much, and do not go. So many stations have been made so far that none of his friends has done well. And originally do webmaster information station sell to others, others insist on always do, now that information station at least about 1000000. Adhere to the established direction of the site is very important, if you want to see a monkey like a love one, and finally what the site is not good.

3, adhere to the original content of the site update,

this, I believe that many webmaster friends know his importance, but not much. Content not only to original, but also to adhere to the same time every day to update, so that both search engines like your site, will also have regular to your web site. This is beneficial to snapshot updating and weight enhancement. As for how to do, there are many posts online, we can take a good look.

4, adhere to increase the quality of the outer chain

, everybody knows he’s important, and he doesn’t stick to much. Here to remind new station friends, new station is not suitable for increasing a large number of the chain. Want to improve the weight of the site, adhere to increase a certain amount of high quality, the chain is necessary. As for how to do, a lot of such postings online, I will not say more.

5, adhere to the website management

once saw a blog with an independent domain name. Many people gave him a message, hoping to answer it, but I saw >

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