Station interest and maintain common interest

many friends, I heard that I built a web site, they admire me, say good ah, other people crazy to play the game, and you learn how to build a website, really good! I thought, now it is not difficult to build the site ah. So I would casually ask how much money I made on the website. I didn’t lose face to say that I didn’t earn any money. Think of your registered domain name 09 years from the April 11th to now, nearly a year. Deep feeling, what to do after the college entrance examination for more than two months, every day on the Internet to find site video tutorials, from the initial HTML to DIV+CSS, is now studying PHP, still feel a sense of achievement, but also learned a lot of knowledge construction. I am more and more in love with the Internet, do not know what the answer can be found on the Internet, I want to use free space, we use Baidu Search, there are many sites offer free space, so after I compare, choose a better to think of free space, finally really feel free goods is not good spent more than 100 yuan to buy a 200 MB, although buy domain and space spent several hundred, but still no regret.

I think the main interest to support me always perseverance to now, although did not earn a penny, but feel a sense of accomplishment, because I built a decent website in your own mind. Thing now is not in a hurry, because he is holding the attitude of learning to build a website, although not earn money, or even make ends meet, but I do not regret it, because I find joy in the site, to find a sense of accomplishment. All night playing games better than those of many people. I will stick to it, and make sure my website is better and better. Also warned those who just to make money do stand friends, don’t care about how much money, but to hold the ordinary heart, holding the attitude of learning, constantly improve their own website, the only way you will naturally earn money. Only personal views, if there is any mistake, I hope you webmaster corrected me!


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