nternet cafe administrator with the webmaster is grassroots but the lack of communication platform

some people say that the network administrator and Internet cafe administrator is very similar, even think that Internet cafes administrators and network administrators is one thing, in one word, the difference in the world, two basic common occupation not what. Say similar, but stationmaster and Internet bar administrator have a lot in common. When we talk about the webmaster, we will talk about the phrase "grassroots". Indeed, owners are also worthy of grassroots two words, as the name suggests, the grassroots is very small, not a towering tree with luxuriant foliage and large trunk, no beautiful flowers and fruits fresh enchanting and attractive, but never lacked grassroots toughness, hidden in the street corner in the soil alone bear the wind and rain, but did not always yield. With dreams of firm and inflexible survival. Trees and flowers and flowers can not afford things, perhaps grassroots can withstand. Webmaster like the grass, although not powerful, unknown to the public, but ambitious, through the website of their own in the network world to work hard work, do not give up easily. Although the webmaster and webmaster is completely different profession, but the webmaster of Internet bar is even worse than the webmaster.

first of all, in the number of people, there are about 1 million 500 thousand people in the country, and the number of small and medium-sized websites is far more than this figure. This quantity is huge, the grass root stationmaster has constructed the Internet unique scenery line, is promotes the Internet economy prosperous main strength. The number of Internet cafes and according to last year’s statistics is 200 thousand, statistics do not contain some hundreds of thousands of Internet cafes, Internet cafes, Internet cafes administrators should also have a number of more than 1 million, may be more than the number of owners. First of all, in the number of Internet cafes, administrators have the characteristics of grassroots.

secondly, from the nature of work and working environment, the Internet cafe administrators and webmasters also have many similar situations. Adsense work is hard, but also lonely, most of the webmaster is a person to do the station, can be bigger, have their own team, even the company or a few. Webmaster very hard, many webmaster all want to stay up late to update the site, some people say that the webmaster is the United States, time is not excessive. We can imagine in the dead of night, stationmaster eats instant noodles, a person is facing the computer, the scene that updates a website alone. They do not have much capital, only through hard struggle, long-term adherence to patience, and strive to do stand to achieve profitability. Also always looking at the search engine’s face, and concerned about the country’s policy changes. According to the first "China personal Adsense survival survey report" released, the survey shows that 60% of the personal Adsense to achieve profit, monthly income of 2661 yuan. This income is not much, and 40% of the station is in a non-profit state. It can be seen that personal Adsense is indeed a disadvantaged grassroots groups.

and Internet cafe administrator situation may not be as individual owners, they are also no fixed schedule, soak in the cafe in the The atmosphere was foul. every day, even on the night shift. Eat well, sleep well, and pay very little. Some network management from several hundred dollars of wages rose to 2000, it took several years. Want to do webmaster, make a lot of money can be achieved, but want to make big money through network management, too difficult, too difficult

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