Down to earth characteristics vertical electricity supplier road is not difficult

I believe that many people see the vertical, it will be said, this area has a dead end, before letao transformation, after the red child, the first moment is acquired, vertical electric providers already dead, we should not go the other way? Vertical to see the fate of this is the transformation of some brand, some are acquired, even be eliminated from the market, was a huge Internet legions drown in the corner, who is in the ear that the vertical electric field, has no way to penetrate, who is in front of us, said, Tmall, Jingdong, Suning, a large integrated platform the press has a variety of flow, but these, in my opinion, as long as your site is on walking characteristics, vertical electric providers will be able to walk out of their own platform.


(pictured above, ETSY’s official website screenshot, the world’s largest handicraft market)

ETSY, an American sales Crafts website, within 5 years to create a value system of billions, what makes such a focus on vertical areas of the site have been so successful, what makes all kinds of fans all over the world come to this website to buy crafts? This site is actually very simple. Because it is simple, because the original, because of its value, so has formed its own unique characteristics, which eventually became the leader of the handicrafts, a small category can make it a point to say is a reward of. Also from another angle to illustrate a truth, a vertical electricity supplier only take its own unique reason, in the next competition, to get their most loyal users.

creates one of the features: product differentiation, mining the deepest value of the product,

vertical website, you have here is to attract eyeball is nothing more than the product, while others are not, this is the primary difference, but also the power consumption to your website, for example, at the beginning of moment, when the site started, the sale of clothing it is a characteristic, is very stylish, but with the continuous development of the site, has become the general clothing quality, style in general, as if it was the same from the secondary market Amoy, then there is no past. If let me summarize, that is not for mining products carefully in place, if you want to be a good site to do so, even if consumers want first to your site what all don’t know, why bother to do a site like

?I believe that

now have a website is the depth of mining user demand for their own products, the demand will become homely food when your site, continue to attract users with new products of the eyeball, a variety of guide will be followed, all recommendation will come, after all who love the one and only (ETSY is the one and only sell crafts), difference and this is the user to know the best products.

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