Analysis of the method of rapidly increasing the chain of websites

occasionally visits the IIS logs of the site and often finds someone using scanning tools to scan my site, such as scanning web.rar, wwwroot.rar, and so on. Everyone carefully look at your IIS log, direct search 404. You’ll find many people scanning some common packaging file names.

so I thought of using this opportunity to make the outer chain. I packaged a file and named it web.rar, wwwroot.rar, and placed it directly under the root of the web.

After a few days,

found a lot of traffic from some source code forums. Open source website a look, write to scan a well-known source of online bookstores such as:, download and so on, through this, we bring the traffic, but also brought the chain.

I now check the chain, and found that there are many forums have links, are written like "large book portal, business procedures (generated HTML version), powerful," and so on.

do not know whether this method is desirable, we exchange communication. It feels like this should be easier and faster, but the premise is that someone is interested in your site and that someone is constantly scanning your site. Of course, you can also pack a file yourself, and then publish a post in some source code forums, which is the latest bun. An estimated number of people will be interested.

effect, you can see my search in Google my site + buns search results:

,, complete=1& hl=zh-CN& meta=& aq=f

I only search for baozi, you can also search, download, source code and the like. By the way Links inspection tools:, I hope to help everyone.

              edit comments: thank the author to provide experience to share with you, the author provides this method, we may as well try.

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