Seo optimization can’t be like terminator 2018 t’s messy and boring

yesterday evening just watched the "terminator 2018", feel how so weird, "terminator" is the masterpiece of Arnold Schwarzenegger, both from the story or scene I very love, but "terminator 2018" is very messy, scenes like Transformers, do not know as the "Transformers 2" to do publicity, if we do SEO optimization is also like this, it is finished, don’t fall for being scolded, not imitation of others, nor do the out of order so there is no effect, ah, it must be dignified and imposing man, conscientiously do


site SEO is a holistic optimization process. From the program’s Web site optimization, website structure optimization, website optimization, website keywords preliminary analysis, web link structure optimization, the user experience of the website optimization, website promotion, network marketing and site analysis and adjustment, each search engine optimization steps are crucial. Perhaps a keyword error would lead to a failure of the entire site.

SEO in Beijing:

1., a website’s profit model is very important and should be placed at the forefront of all the optimization steps. When you plan a website, you must first consider the website’s profit model, or website model. Mode is very important, if the site does not have a clear pattern, will only make yourself lost in the direction of website construction and website promotion. When planning a website, pay attention to detail and market research.

After the

2. website is planned, you can start to stand. In the process of building the website, we must know how to determine the function of the website according to the promotion requirements of the website. Such as: Based on SEO, the site is best to do div+css development, it is best when the site is set up SEO optimization related factors. For example: title can limit the number of words, you can add h tags, so that the web site upload content at the same time, you can optimize the page elements of the site.

3. website content optimization, website content optimization includes many aspects. For example, keyword density, the location of the key words, here every little factors are likely to fall is the negative effect of ZhengZhan SEO optimization.

Optimization of link structure for

4. web site. Beijing SEO individual thinks, the link structure of the website is crucial to the PR value of the website. Links determine the site’s PR score directly. The link structure of the website is divided into import link, export link and friendship link three kinds. Of course, there are also pure export links and reciprocal links in the links. In optimizing the link structure of the website, do not blindly pursue the number of web links. The import link of the website is also very important, and the link between the content in the station also plays a role that can not be ignored.

5. website user experience optimization. The website user experience (UE) is also a very important aspect of SEO optimization. Don’t worry about a web

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