Communication skills with customers in website construction service

what is the most important thing for a customer satisfaction website? I think it is communication with customers. Communication is the process of transferring and feedback between people and between people and groups, so as to achieve agreement and emotional patency. Have a good communication, means to do it can run in both directions unblockedly.

in the pre planning of the site, the main purpose of communication with customers is to obtain customer requirements for the site. This should be an important link for every designer to do. However, getting customer needs does not mean that everything is done according to the customer’s expectations. Because from the perspective of website construction, customers do not know the website design, so the customer put forward their own requirements at the same time, the designer should also put forward some opinions and suggestions according to their own experience in the construction site. After all, designers are more professional.

in this section, some designers will be very straightforward to say: "your idea is wrong", "you can’t do that" and so on. In fact, this is not advisable. Indeed, the designer might be right, but this straightforward refute customers, is likely to be counterproductive, light will let customers think designers don’t do their own needs, while let customers think the designer thinks he smatter, look down on their own.

in fact, encountered such problems, you can persuade customers from the side to dispel ideas. For example, the customer said: "you are right, very reasonable, but from the professional point of view of website construction and web design standardization, it is not very reasonable. Do you think so?"……" And then say what you think (which is more convincing). This will not be straightforward rebuttal of customers, so that customers feel no face, but also may let them change their minds, "two birds with one stone" thing, why not?

here, I only in a small way to talk about the skills of communication with customers, more problems will surely lies in customer communication, so as a designer, we must always remember the website construction service actually belongs to the service industry, only to meet the needs of customers, in order to make the customer feel not wasting this will be the money to customers, get a good reputation. A good reputation means more opportunities. Don’t be to website construction cost to flicker customers, maybe you can cheat the moment, but the customer is not a fool, once let the customer aware of, a mass ten, ten hundred, you will soon gain extreme notoriety in the industry.

integrity first, skills second. All in good faith, supplemented by communication skills. Success is not far from you.

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