How do you do the little red book six weeks two million new users

Abstract: we also suspected that as a community gene the little red book would be able to complete last month’s sales in one day. Before joining the electricity supplier, there are investors remind us that when you are a community, the first figure to wake up every day is DAU.


crazy global "black Friday" end a week later, announced the results of their own "sea Amoy" results also followed. The little red book co-founder Qu Fang recently wrote an article "the user letter" — "yes, I want to capture your heart", in addition to announce the big promotion information also Triumphant news keeps pouring in., detailing the little red book how to avoid the double eleven, in the "red Friday" unexpected Jones, she won double sales and users soared.

below is "yes, I want to capture your heart." full text:

‘s office on November 28th at 1:35 in the morning, a busy day colleagues had left, leaving my classmates and technology still adhere to the 24 hour single push, and tomorrow will be on business in the brand group of colleagues in email.

on November 27th at 5:17 PM, Xiao Hong book on the AppStore free list. When the company’s 3 employees, Deng dad sent screenshots in the RED WeChat group, but also ridicule cloud icon shows that did not install their own App – of course, his cell phone will always contain the next unpublished version.

for a moment, my eyes were moist, but soon watered down by the atmosphere of joy.

We came to AppStore

in June 6th fourth, the first time exceeded the WeChat rankings, remember the girl complained that the marketing department joined a start-up company, but in the weeks before the work experience to run in front of the giant pleasure. At that time, I and Mao (editor’s note: the little red book founder Mao Wenchao) jokingly said, next time can do first to explain the overall standings.

yes, we are red book, a growth is not long, not short two and a half years, set foot in the electricity supplier less than a year’s team, with six weeks, the "black five" pushed to the extreme.

there are no shortcuts to places to go,

on the first working day of October, we opened our first full meeting at the steakhouse at SOHO, Xintiandi, Shanghai. More than 140 people packed a small hall, the old Mao gave us emotional talk about some of the black history, excitedly ushered in our new technology leader, uncle tiger, but the most difficult mobilization in November left me. What was said, then drank too much, no longer remember, but from that day on, there was a countdown plate in the office.


in the evening or weekend to visit the office of friends will be very surprised to see here seems to be thriving at 10 in the morning. The new office has dozens of meeting rooms, but from 9, has been welfare agencies (electricity supplier) group and said different language brand partners accounted for

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