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China’s Internet in 2000, everything is just beginning. That year, rat studio was China’s top FLASH and website production team. That year, PHP has just begun, china very influential, the runxun fast mailbox to let people feel excited. That year, eBay began shortly after the Sohu and NetEase went through the first stage. The first fair leveraging influence is in rapid growth. All this, just out of college, and non computer professional, I am still very strange. It just feels like these companies are very powerful. But the first time I unsuspectingly, and the Internet to meet, and just "passing", or even no peer for a period of time.

Russia can be regarded as an emerging market in the world, and the speed of development will increase with the entry into WTO. Earlier statistics show that in 2010, the world each week in the social network users spend time is 4.5 hours, and the data of Russian Internet users is as high as 9.8 hours, and have the Facebook of American Internet users even before 10 did not enter.

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"well, teacher, I want to go to Beijing."." I answered somewhat sadly.

There are currently 65000 movies, TV shows, cartoons, documentaries, MTV and so on at

got a job in about second weeks in Beijing, where the company was founded in 1999 and the two founder of the company was a department manager at the then new network. From the present point of view, they were people of "good background" at that time. The company’s goal was to be China’s largest IT outsourcing service provider. When I came here in 2000, the company worked in a room of about 30 square meters

other Russian Internet Co financing news continues, Russia’s Amazon Ozone financing $100 million, luxury electricity supplier KupiVIP financing $38 million 500 thousand. as Russia’s first financing video site, is about to seize the rapid development of the Russian Internet market, unlimited potential.


!Master /

remembers the dialogue at that time as if it were a very easy response, but there was something in the mind that was going to be going on, not a smooth, flat road. Although some feel unwilling, after a HUAWEI interview and did not go, there are full of courage to 99 years of Tencent marketing department for a ceramic Penguin but also with the Tencent pass, finally decided to leave, the more than 20 years of living in the city, go to Beijing.

, one of the BRIC countries, Russia, the recent rapid development of the Internet industry, industry financing news frequent, it seems that Russia has 60 million Internet users unlimited potential for future development!


graduated 10 years ago, many students choose to go to HUAWEI, but the master went to Beijing, to their own dream round. But the road is not going smoothly. Over the past 14 years he will venture in the bloody lessons, summed up the 21 entrepreneurs military regulations and salt technology

note: now salt salt technology science and Technology launched Shenzhen individual entrepreneurs to master business summary column, the author for entrepreneurs, in the past 14 years, have been developed to write every day, how much money to spend, he walks APP and Internet users in many products, some products, some products of a user. The author hopes that the salt technology platform, and other entrepreneurs in-depth exchanges! This article published, he will also own the products in each lesson and experience summary, have published the salt technology column, please continue to focus on is a Hulu based television and movie streaming service, known as Hulu in russia". According to TechCrunch reports, announced today financing $40 million, investors Baring, Vostok, ru-Net and other institutions. The new funds will be used to raise’s technical level, increase more video content, and improve market competition ability.

, according to comScore data, an average of 24 million 900 thousand Russians log in on YouTube every month to watch videos. currently visits 10 million users per month, and video access is 50 million. According to CEO Tumanov, there has been a qualitative leap over the amount of 3 million independent users last year. was founded in February 2010, and the major competitors in Russia are YouTube, RuTube, and the upcoming Hulu and Netflix. Among them, ReTube to provide quality video content to the audience, to brought no small market pressure. Russia has 60 million Internet users, already in Europe’s first place, and also the fastest growing region of European Internet users, with an annual growth of 14%, well above the average of 6%. However, compared to Hulu and Netflix’s huge database, this figure pales in comparison. is technically at the same level as the rest of its competitors, and is also multi platform development. "We want to bring more video content to the users and give them a better service experience," he said."

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"master, graduate, find a job? I heard you didn’t go to HUAWEI, why?" the teacher asked a little depressed river.

salt technology submission in retrospect, that have happened in 1999……

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